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Welcome to Taco Hell this is Satan. Can I take your soul please?

Welcome to Taco Hell this is Satan. Can I take your soul please?

With the imminent release of a new edition of my favorite game, it is time to renew the covenant. As an avowed DM4LIFE I need to play dungeons and dragons to live. When I first discovered dnd as a kid, I had an epiphany that playing dnd could bring world peace if everyone could play, and ever since then I have attempted to spread the faith, for decades now. That means finding people willing and able to suffer my presence and (lack of) skills. Note the subtitle of this blog. I prefer to think of my tenure as dungeon master as a comedy of errors, but I am easily amused.

So in the coming weeks I will actively be searching for 1-3 like minded people to join our regular Friday Night Games, from 7 pm to ? (10:30 pm max, usually), in the Northland Kansas City Missouri area. That was the plug. This blog gets 60-100 views per day on average (more when I am better about posting.) This is I guess my form of social media. If I had a facebook, which I don’t and never have, because it is just a fad, then I would post a picture of the awesome grilled burgers and brats we ate last Friday with a shout out to come over to my place on Fridays for this and more. Oh this blog might be linked to google+ too.

Ya so there’s that. Feel free to pass this along. Our group is a mix of spouses, friends, kids, and friends of kids. Age range is me (42) to as young as a teenager or two. There are all types of people who make up good game groups. From dnd enthusiasts, to game enthusiasts, to people who just like to have a good time and be social and laugh and be stupid, and our game group is made up of just such. For me right now though, to find a few more people who genuinely want to play dungeons and dragons is the goal. I like to play with a larger group, 6-7 or even 8, for reasons that are probably selfish and vain, but my enthusiasm really does seem to make up for a lot of my failures.

One idea under consideration is petitioning any and all members of my “original” game group back in the old days. Little hope of that working, since they all turned their backs on the game as adults, the traitors! Ben (said WoW destroyed imagination, really I think it was because I killed his paladin in 8th grade), Roge (a pastor now?) Guitarist Chris (in Cali), football Chris (?), Billy (?), Steven (no way), Monte (prolly dead), Khar (oops already playing) Sean (ok this I have to think about), is that all?

Another idea to consider is calling up old members of the Encounters groups I used to DM for, first at Game Cafe in Independence, and then from Basement Games. Steve, Ron, Steve, roy, Steve, Bill, Will, John, Jake or new Jake, or Jake’s friend the lawyer whose name I can’t remember. There are so many. It seems like it would be easier to find people to haul their asses on over to my house week after week, but they just keep slipping through my fingers like the sands of time.

So what is the new EPIC campaign? Well as soon as the new Starter Set comes out, we will play the introductory adventure therein contained. That does not sound very revolutionary, or epic for that matter. Quite mundane in fact. OK but that is just to get a taste of the new rules. This few week period, until the release of the Player’s Handbook, in August or whenever, will be for testing and learning the new rules. When the PHB comes out, and the full character list is available we will roll brand new characters for the epic campaign:

New Campaign in Hell

New Campaign in Hell

One night, the character’s home town is cursed to the bottom most pit of Hell. The characters must attempt to save their friends, family, and neighbors as they search to find an escape through each of the 66 layers. The detials aren’t finalized but each level will be a unique world with its own dynamics, and not all will seem to be Hell at all…. at first. The object of the campaign will be to survive and escape each level while defending the town.

This is a combination of ideas. I have always wanted to do an Underworld type game, either striking down, or better yet trying to escape. Then whilst playing Dragonlance this past year, it has been surprising how well the players respond to saving the pepole in their world when they have connections unlike the usual “murder-hobo” tendencies. That idea was combined with a season of Encounters a few years ago (Dark Legacy of Evard) which included a cursed town which descended into the Underdark every night. The result: The character’s home town cursed to the bottom most pits of the Abyss. Not all the characters have to be from the town, but there has to be some connection.

Some of the details are still sketchy, like how the heroes will travel between the town and the adventures, and will the town rise up through the layers as the characters do? How will the town receive supplies? We’ll see…

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