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Tonight we concluded the first Dragonlance adventure of the original AD&D First Edition Heroes of the Lance campaign, DL1 Dragons of Despair, then went on to the introduction to the second adventure DL2 Dragons of Flame. We also had grilled steaks and baked beans and potatoes. It was good. The Epic conclusion of the adventure, wherein the heroes of the Lance confront the dragon Kisanth in her buried palatial lair, was laid out in great fashion on the table.

The bowels of Xak Tsaroth where Onyx lairs

The bowels of Xak Tsaroth where Onyx lairs

The characters headed straight to the dragons lair, after trying to trick it. The evil wizard Raistlin attempted to convince the dragon, which was only of average intelligence, that they bring tidings of the gods for the dragon to heed them. The dragon was not impressed and cast Charm Person on the wizard, who was then questioned. The black dragon did not trust the wizard but had yet to impale the puny mortal. Instead Kisanth cast darkness centered on her lair.

Goldmoon had a vision. Princess Leia appeared in a hologram cast by the blue staff: Help us Goldmoon, you’re our only hope. You must grab the disks, then strike the dragon with the blue staff, and all will be well. After attempting to argue with the hologram of Leia unsuccessfully, they decided to follow the advice.

Goldmoon became invisible while Riverwind and Tanis ran across the room trying to distract the dragon. Raistlin broke free of his charmed state after about the fortieth save, and tried to help distract the dragon by pointing out the invisible creature creeping up. No not the ACTUAL invisible person, the one on the other side. Raistlin followed up by tweaking the dragons tail and making the sound of footfalls, which caused the dragon to give up an attack for a blind tail-sweep.

The dragon attacked Riverwind with its breath weapon,a thin stream of acid that did a humble amount of damage. Another round of battle before Goldmoon grabbed the disks and struck the dragon, killing it and shattering the staff and disappearing in a flash of light. The city began to crumble, and everyone scoped up 1d20 gems as they fled. Riverwind also grabbed a cloak of invisibility. They did not forget to retrieve the 35 gully dwarves nor the five baby black dragons. (There was a scene where the baby dragons began crying for food when they sensed the presence of their mother, but Raistlin was able to conjure mice for them which they ate and went to sleep.)

Lying at the foot of the statue of the goddess of healing lay the unconscious form of Goldmoon. The blue crystal staff was now part of the stature, but Goldmoon had the disks and als wore an amulet that matched the one the goddess wore. A gully dwarf came up to her and said he now believes. Goldmoon blessed the dwarf and an amulet appeared in her hand. The deity had another follower, a first level gully dwarf cleric that had such low wisdom that the one cure light wounds spell would be all it could ever learn.


The goddes also mentioned other imprtant plot stuff. Then they set out to see the devestation caused by the passing dragon armies. The forest in which their home town of Solace was situated was burning, ad were the fields between here and there. They set out and came to an abandoned village. An old villaer spouted nonsense before they were ambushed by 6 draconians. They attacked and two of the heroes were paralyzed by their poisonous saliva, before shaking it off and going on to slaughter them all in glorious combat. The turn in the tide of battle came when Goldmoon was able to cast hold person on two of the draconains, and Riverwind cut a third down to size.

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