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7-10 dio1

These recently painted Reaper miniatures were set up into a diorama. The scene depicts three adventurers — priestess, necromancer, and ranger, who find themselves in a mysterious chamber with a pair of portals. Suddenly they are attacked by creatures emerging from the portal. Down below, a screeching owlbear erupts from one portal, while a big black orc trundles out of the other.

The walls, floors, and stair were made with dungeon tiles. Most of the furniture is from the Reaper kickstarter with a few other odds and ends picked up over the years. The small red fox is one of the Reapers familiars.

7-10 dio2

The owlbear rounds a column and launches itself with full force against the archer and the wizard. Three powerful claws and a snapping beak lash out. The ranger attempts to draw and shoot at point blank range, while the necromancer braces himself for the onslaught. He holds a curled parchment in his hand.

7-10 dio3

The priestess, cut off from the rest, holds up her holy symbol to ward off the overbearing presence of the black orc. She raises her scimitar to defend against the mighty blow of the war axe. The orc is single minded in its ferocious attack, letting his guard down, not noticing or caring about the faithful fox companion of the priestess, ambushing from behind.

7-10 necromancer

Here we have the necromancer. He is done in shades of turquoise, blue and green, with an amethyst gem in his staff and a magical scroll written in golden ink.

7-10 owlbear

The owlbear has some crazy stance, but it works, really capturing the sense of explosive movement.

7-10 pathfinder cleric

Shannon rose to new heights of detail with all the patterned fabrics in the Pathfinder iconic cleric. She is probably the best so far of all the Reapers painted.

7-10 blork1

Big orc, big axe. The gruesome shield is my favorite part. I used antique nickel for the metal blade and plate armor, then dry brushed a bit of gunmetal along the edges.

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I have been excitedly awaiting the six dragons that came with my Reaper Kickstarter package the most. This silver dragon is the shadow dragon model from There Be Dragons, and my first to paint. I think it came out pretty well, although I wish I could have used more variations f color. Silver was pretty limiting in that way. I used platinum gold for an accent, such as on the inner wings, but it is very subtle.


The dragon is a great mold. He is a fine scale, stands up well, and will look good on any battlefield. After painting the dragon was given a satin varnish. Both the dragons in the set are fantastic, and the other one might be my next project.

7-5 illusionist

The psychadelic wizard was one of my favorite miniatures in the set and I had to dissuade many other from painting this one so that I would get the chance. My favorite part of this miniature are the purple robes with gold and silver stars and moons which Shannon did with a toothpick. I tried to make his feather look like a peacock quill. What’s up with the crazy blue owl eyes? He must be in the middle of a spell…

7-5 slayer

This was another miniature I just really had to paint. She is such an attractive slayer. One time I had this dream about huge naked blonde women with hair and swords as long as their bodies, and the image has stuck with me, so women with big swords have become a theme I am drawn towards. I was also experimenting with an orange and grey theme which I might use with my future warriors set.

7-5 stone golem

I wnted this miniature to look like he was carved from some kind of blue stone like cobalt. He is blue all right! But I think he turned out good.There are about five different shades of blue on him. I wish I were able to make it look like veins running through, but I went for a mottled look instead, due to you guessed it, laziness and lack of skill.

7-5 wizard

A friend did the base colors of this one and I finished him up. This arch wizard looks impressively iconic. The colors match him well.

7-6 furniture

I love accessories! I am always looking for more, and the few that one with the Vampire kickstarter reward are pretty cool. Khar painted the treasure heap but I did everything else o the floor here, including our visiting white rat. The first week of painting is over, and a huge chunk of miniatures received their coatings. Probably three-quarters of the box remains yet to be painted.

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We had a great party on the fourth, with all the trappings, including huge amounts of grilled meat, beverages aplenty, and a raucous trip to watch the fireworks explode at a nearby park. During the latter stage of the party, some one suggested painting miniatures, and before you know it, the table was full of painters, including a few kids who may have never painted miniatures before. Below are the miniatures from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter that this great group of friends and family painted on the Fourth of July.

7-4 adventurers

7-4 ghosts - Copy

7-4 gnome

7-4 sarcophagus

7-4 succubi



7-4-elf warrior



7-4-pathfinder barbaian






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Cthulhu! This is the smaller one of course. I started out with a pink base coat. I put a lavender wash above that, and then dry-brushed the whole thing in slime green. I think it came out ok. I like the blood red base.


Probably the best miniature I have yet painted. This wraith is one of the transparent miniatures. I went over it with a blackwash first, trying to get the tears and holes in the robe as dark as possible while leaving the rest of him see-through. Then I painted the sword, base, and gravestone and finally gave him a shellacking.

I am experimenting with painting swords in a different way than giving them a coat of silver or gunmetal. Instead I am trying to paint them in white, grey, and black to look like reflective metal. I have seen some great examples of this online but have sadly been unable to duplicate the effect so far. I do like the sword of the wraith with its blue glowing runes.


My daughter painted this excellent hellhound.


Audrey also painted this miniature, a representation of her character Gale, a fey archer. I love the mona lisa smile and the shadowed eyes.


Mummies! My hobby spanning dearth of mummies comes to an end with the excellent set of four in the vampire set. I experimented with two colors of blue with this pair. I also tried to use lots of gold, copper and bronze.


I have always loved yuanti. They are one of my favorite villain races and show up at some point in most of my campaigns. I painted this guy quickly and traditionally, without any twists or surprises. I think he looks just fine. Oh, I tried to give him some fangs, which met with marginal success, but those glowing red orbs for his eyes came out great. I originally wanted to paint his underbelly a different color, but opted against it, probably due to laziness.

That’s it for this update. On the table right now are a silver dragon, a few golems, and some more characters. Hopefully more friends and family will drop by and allow me to put a paintbrush in their hands. More updates along the way, until the whole 7.4 lb box of over 300 miniatures are all painted.

Here are a few close up shots of some miniatures from Part one.


Each of the twelve goblins is painted a different color. It is hard to get a good photo of them and they might be a tad shinier than I hoped for, but I just cant get enough of these li’l guys.


The female frost giant. I should give her a name, like Helga perhaps.

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