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With much anticipation the box containing my miniatures arrives on Friday game night. The weekly dungeon delve was cancelled in favor of opening, playing with, and ultimately painting this vast treasure trove of toys, er, I mean miniatures. Everyone in the gaming group helped paint, and this might become a regular occurance until the bulk of the miniatures are coated. It was great fun, with great results.

reaper-unpacking1 The box splilleth open.

My first miniature was of course the frost giantess, seen above. I have long lamented the lack of a large female miniature, so this was a welcome addition. There are other giant-gientes pairs in the Reaper Bones line-up which I hope to someday acquire. Her hair and those big blue eyes are my favorite part of this one. I am unsatisfied with the mottled apprearance of her skin, but I do like its porcelain sheen. I plan to break from tradition and paint her mate as a fire giant.

Here be dragons

Here be dragons

I have a total of six dragons, including the shadow dragon and red dragon from There be dragons’ the Pathfinder red, the jabberwocky, the hydra, and the frost wyrm, I plan on painting the shadow dragon as a silver, and the pathfinder red as an ancient white dragon.

reaper-captbarnabasLori painted this great Captain Barnabas. I particularly love the green coat. She says her favorite part is the blue pants. He is pretty great. The bright colors make him really stand out.

reaper-flamespiritShannon was the first to experiment with a translucent figure, diving right in with s fire spirit. I think the spectacular results speak for themselves. I love the gold coloration, and am tempted to use this method on the huge elemental. We shall see.


Skeleton by Jackson. He plans to paint the whole set in a similar scheme.

reaper-valkyrieKhar chose this valkyrie to represent her paladin. That white skin, those red lips, and the great red cloth of this miniature really stand out. This figure also has the trademark “Flaming Whats” copper base, an innovative aid to help pick out characters on the battlefield at a glance.

There were other miniatures painted by us that night, including an elven ranger named John Smith, a gnome spellcaster, and a hellhound, but either I did not get them varnished, or the photos didnt turn out well. They will make it into a future article for sure, as I document the epic painting of these hundreds of miniatures.


A dozen giant rats became my first challange. I use a three step method: base coat, then black wash the shading, then dry brush the highlights, followed by a matte varnish. The varnish I am using looks more satin than matte, but a protective coating is essential with these flexible plastic minis.

reaper-mummyHere is my mummy. Finally I have a mummy after years of fruitless searching. I am especially proud of this one, as it perfectly exhibits the three stage method. I need to do some base work. The vampire set includes four mummies. Besides this specimin, we have a pair of khopesh wielding mummy warriors and a hovering mummy lord. This will be fun.

Reaper-sorceress1This is the pathfinder iconic sorceress I believe. I really love the way she turned out, The pink is very vibrant and she has such an angelic expression on her face, which I somehow managed to capture. There are a tom of female adventurer types, which is a real boon, as my gaming group is usually around seventy five percent women.


Here are the gobs. Each one has a different color skin. It is about equality here, folks. I really enjoyed painting these little bastids. It is unfortunate that they have too much shine, it distracts from their overall great appearance. I plan to slaughter many player characters with this band of gobbos.

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fortress-viewThe group was slightly smaller than usual, which meant it was normal sized, with me,and six participants gathered round table: Doc the barb, Reya the wiz, Gnome the dwarf cler, The fightress Zubizu and the Monk Evil Sheva. Oh and lets not forget the ferret small business owner, Jambunathon ranger-wizard. On the menu was fan favorite and last minute substitutin: three full bags of dollar menu items from nearest fast food restaurant. Game set, play.

The party was back in town, reaping the rewards of their scesful delve. They had hundreds of gold, an went on a spending spree. Their first encounter was an obsequious fellow who introduced himself as the aid to Al Swaggerty, proprietor of the infaous Gemstone Dance Hall. The hall offered special “welcome back heroes” parties for the cost of 50 gold. For 100 gold, they offered drinks on the house for everyone. The party was not interested in a party, but were eventually convinced to pay 9 gold for a round on the house, which included a cheer in their honor. It was at this point Al Sawggerty asked what he should call them, suggesting “The Special Bunch.”



No one in the band of adventurers liked this name, and instead came up with “The Flaming Ferrets” to which Al Swaggerty responded “The flamings WHATS?” and they were like yes thats it.

Other town hijinx ensued, including a visit to the town wizard Llywellyn, who offered them a reward of 500 gold and two scrolls of their choice, if they would return a spellbook of his. It was stolen by a runaway apprentice believed to have gone into the Frotress of the Evil Overlord with the book on a quest for adventure and plunder. He was not expected to have made it very far.

Al Swaggerty tried to sell them property, mentionind that only property owneres were considered citizens (and therefore above the law) but all others were considered outsiders and potential law-breakers.

The dwarf cleric performed a message of prayer in the streets, with aid from both the ranger-wizard and the very succesful wiz. Together they raked in 20 gold and also twenty devout followers. The cleric then sold these to the local “Church of All Folk” who offered ten gold a head for “new converts.” They were quickly chained up by a burly guard with a whip and four bugbear helpers.

The fightress was outraged and bought the converts freedom, habing to spend 300 gold to set them free. The slaver made 100 gold and the people, including a few orphan children who spent their lives “hiding from priest of the all-folk” all scattered back into the muddy streets of Deadrock without even a thanks to Zubizu. Later when the wiz found out about the slavery attempt, she tried to boot the dwarf from the party. Both the monk and dwarf cleric aqre both lawful evil, and were able to remain in the party.

The next day they started on an uneventful three-day journey to the fortress. Upon arrival at the fortresss, they took a moment to inspect. A mile long stair led up to a large central plaza, with halls to left and right, and a small black pyramid in the center. Behind the pyramid was a mountain of rubble from the ancient ruins, and the actual mountains beyond. The right side was mostly explored, and above it towered the ruins of the Fell Tower, which they had also partially explored after being captured by the blue kobolds. The left side was so far unexplored and was below the also mysterious Dwarf Tower, a squat, square construction with a half-destroyed tower, exposed and leaning overhead.

First they approached the black pyramid. Legend spoke of the tomb of the original evil overlord, known only as War Duke, haunted still by his ghost. The journey into his tomb could lead to riches or death. The ferret went into the narrow door, down the confined stairds and into the constrictive hallway, which led to an arched opening, beyond which was misty and unclear. The monk was first to enter, and found herself in a sandy chamber filled with large gold disks half buried in the sand.


Suddenly the ghostly image of Warduke materialized, provoking a roll for surprise, then initiative, both of which the monk won. She struck just as the orc was preparing to swing his migthy great axe, and connected, the orc instantly vanished and she was able to take a single disk fromt he chamber. It was worth 1,000 gold. Everyone in turn fought and defeated the warduke until Zubizu, who lost initiaive and was struck for one hit point of PERMANENT damage, and knocked out of the chamber after being laughed at by the orc ghost boss. Luckily she was able to return and defeat the orc and won a thousand gold piece disk, The dwarf cleric was not so luckily and lost a total of four hit points before giving up without a disk. She was very angry.

Next they went to the left side of the first level. Right off the main hallway was a set of double doors which led to a huge chamber with pillars and a vaulted ceiling. The northern section was colapsed. They searched the pillars, sheped like womens bodies with animal heads, to no avail, but found a door hidden by the rubble. This led to a hallway, which the ferret explored. The hallway turned sharpely, with a small square window, and three doors around a corner. When the ferret leapt into the window,a goblin shouted “Breeyark!” and the party hastily retreated back into the pillared hall. They fought the six goblins as they emereged from the door, with the monk taking out the first wave, and the wizard frying most of the rest with a flaming hand.

The Flaming Whats made short work of the goblins and then searched the room with the window, finding it to be a now abandoned guard room, empty except for a table and six stools. The table held some gaming dice and 54 gold, or 9 apiece, and we ended there. (Were the gaming dice for a fantasy goblin version of dungeons and dragons? Perhaps…)

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