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Hello everyone, I am proud to announce that the first level of my dungeon crawl complex, The Ruined Fortress of the Evil Overlord Level 1: The First Storey, is complete and ready to ship. The cost is 5.99 with free US shipping. This is a labor of love, and all profits will go into creating more and better future adventure modules. The second in the set, Level 0: The Pillaged Demesne of the Evil Overlord is almost ready for production.

Due to the difficulties (and expenses) involved with setting up an online store front, I am selling these through ebay at present, with hopes to set up a store on my site as soon as possible. For those unwilling or unable to use ebay, drop me an email at teambarnes (at) gmail.com and we can work out an alternate means. Click on the picture above, or follow this link to buy this product:

Buy The Ruined Fortress of the Evil Overlord on ebay!

Just look at that hand drawn map!

Just look at that hand drawn map!

My philosophy with this project is to create a beautiful hand crafted booklet laser printed onto the finest paper with hand drawn maps and pictures. There are no pdfs, this is a hands-on product, meant to be a “little treasure” to have, hold, and use.

The dungeons might be considered “old school” in that they include wandering monster checks, reaction and morale options, and an option to play as gold-for-experience. The design is meant to be played across editions, and was designed using 1e, 3e, and is currently being played using the “D&D Next” playtest rules. (See my game night recaps for examples from play.) I am very proud of this product and I hope to create up to 99 levels. I want to get as many people as possible interested in this great dungeon which was years in the planning.

Check out the snazzy interior design, with custom artwork, text boxes, and all the extras.

Check out the snazzy interior design, with custom artwork, text boxes, and all the extras.

About the adventure module (taken from the introduction):

Welcome to the Ruined Fortress of the Evil Overlord! Within these labyrinthine corridors you will find a vast army of hideous monstrosities, the wealth of ancient plundered kingdoms, and endless hours of exploration and adventure.

The Fortress is designed so that it can be easily placed into a dungeon master’s own campaign world or used as a self-contained adventure module, and references no specific setting. Instead it contains myriad leads and mysteries to fill out and expand upon as the game unfolds. This began its life as a classic “dungeon crawl” and it pays homage to the greatest dungeons of the many-storied Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, from the madness of Castle Greyhawk, to the intrigues of Temple of Elemental Evil, to the deadly halls of Rappan Athuk.

Even though the Fortress is built for the heroic profession of dungeon delving for the sheer experience (points) of it, each level of the dungeon also offers its own story hooks and quest possibilities for a more directed adventure. Whether it be rescuing a princess from the clutches of a demon lord, or recovering a lost relic of a forgotten king, or simply extracting every last ounce of wealth from the dungeons, adventure and excitement abound around every corner, and through every door of the Ruined Fortress of the Evil Overlord.

Each adventure booklet tells a story with unique themes for every level. This level has 3 mini-bosses, the themes are haunted with a hint of future fiendishness, the dungeon level is like the well picked over scavenged bones in a desert, yet still harboring a few secrets, and hints of what’s below.

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