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Many monsters in the dungeon will automatically attack until destroyed. This includes all undead and most animals and monsters. Smarter, wilier creatures will often hesitate or wait for the characters to make the first move, or even plan an ambush. The dungeons of the evil overlord are a gathering place for the scum and villainy of the surrounding lands. It is not uncommon for traditional foes to tolerate one another in the monstrous mecca. Likewise, erstwhile allies often tear each other apart in this chaotic environ. Roll on the Reaction Table whenever the initial response to an unexpected meeting is in doubt. Roll a d20 and add any modifiers that may apply.

Reaction Table (d20)
1 Enraged charge attack
2-5 Hostile, prepares attack
6-10 Hostile, threatening
11-14 Uncertain, defensive
15-17 Neutral , confused, or uninterested
18-19 Timid or careful, friendly approach
20+ Enthusiastic camaraderie


It may become necessary to check the morale of a creature or group. Individual or solo creature morale checks are typically made at first blood and when the creature drops below one quarter of its maximum hit points. Group morale checks are made after the first fatality, when half the group is down, and when there is but one remaining. Typically rolls are made on a d20, with 10 or higher passing. On a 1-9 the creature or creatures retreat. Retreat can vary from orderly, to free-for-all route depending on the roll. Cowardly or weak creatures should have a -2 penalty, and strong or brutish creatures should grant a bonus. Other situational modifiers can affect the roll, at the dungeon master’s discretion.

This is an excerpt from the dungeon complex The Ruined Fortress of the Evil Overlord Level 1: The Main Storey.

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