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There is a door in the slave pens beneath the Sabratha that stands out for its strangeness. It is of solid stone and the heavy hinges are crafted such that it strives always to remain closed The outward facing side of the doorway looks beaten and bashed. Through the doorway is a landing with passageways branching upwards or down into darkness either way. When the door is ajar, a wind picks up that increases until it is a howling gale, but stops with a great swirling of dust and debris when the door is finally shut. 80 feet up the ascending passageway is a wooden door, locked. Similarly, the steeper sloping descent also ends at a door after only 40 feet. It is stone and unlocked. (Athletics DC 10 to open.)

This hallway is trapped with the teleporting boulder trap. Unless a hidden stone is pressed near the doorway at the top, if either door is touched the trap activates. (DC level +20 Perception to discover the trap. Even then, the discovery only reveals the outline of the teleportation pit in front of the lower door and/or the trap door in the ceiling above the upper door. Finding the stone and turning it the correct way to deactivates the trap is a DC level +20 thievery check, however, 3 successful DC level +10 thievery or arcana checks will also disable it. If the trap is disabled by any means, the boulder will continue its path downwards and the trap wil reset itself as the trapdoor closes.

When activated, the boulder goes first in the turn. The trapdoor opens as two concealed doors swing open, and the heavy boulder, taller than a man, drops down, smashing into everything, creating a jarring, wrecking experience as it careens off floor, walls, and bodies before slamming into the door on the landing. It then bounces off that door and flies down the lower passage where a pit of darkness has opened, swallowing the boulder up.

The boulder attacks everyone in its path as it makes its way down. (Level +9 vs Reflex for 2d10 +4 damage, half damage on a miss. Effect: the target is dazed (save ends)) It dazes everyone whether it hits or not. The next round it continues onward and at the end of its turn, drops into the teleportation pit, which looks like a window into endless space, and at the top of round three, begins again the carnage that began in round 1.

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Feywild magic gives this longbow a misty appearance. It is crafted of fine layers of darkheartwood melded with primal magic. A spirit spider weaves its silvery string (as a minor action) when called upon. Otherwise it perches on one of the 4 arrows in its detachable quiver. The first arrow is the Briarthorn Rose. When fired, it creates a 3×3 zone of difficult, damaging terrain. The second arrow is the Cat-tail Reed. Where it strikes, it creates a 4×4 zone of 1 foot deep swamp with a concealing, fog-bound atmosphere. The 3rd arrow is Spiderskein, which creates a 5×5 area of ethereal spiderwebs, slowing or trapping creatures within.

It also has a slot for one more arrow. When called upon, the next arrow to strike and damage an enemy will become marked as the 4th arrow, superseding any previous 4th arrow. When the battle ends, this arrow can be added to the quiver, where it will recall this territory in a 3×3 square when it is next used. It can be retrieved indefinitely, or replaced by another blood-called arrow at any time.

Otherwise, the bow is +2 and does +2d10 lightning damage on a crit.

Dead Reaver

This bow is of a single carved length of black-heart oak, and its ebon finish is streaked with thin veins of crimson. The string is of unbreakable mithril fibers woven together with moon-silk, and it cuts the fingers of those who use it, so during use the string is always dripping thin rivulets of blood. The fletching of the arrows too become bloodied, but no adverse affects on the wielder.

A creature slain by this bow will have a portion of their spirit stolen upon death by this bow, and the arrow that slew it will turn black. When this arrow is launched, a spirit-version of that creature will appear and fight for the one who summoned it from its private purgatory. There can be only one black arrow at any given time, and a new one will always supersede the last. The summoned creature must obey its summoner’s demands to the best of its abilities, and wants nothing more than to be destroyed as quickly as possible. It will remain until destroyed or for up to 1 hour, at which point it is destroyed and vanishes.

The creature must be of equal or lower level than the bow wielder, and is summoned into any square within range and line of sight of the character wielding the Dead Reaver as a minor action. The summoned spirit creature is considered insubstantial, and begins with half its original bloodied value in hit points.

This bow begins at +1 in any new owner’s hands, and will grow by +1 for every 5 levels the character keeps the bow and uses it at least once for each level gained. When the bow reaches +6, or when he character owning it reaches max level, or decides to retire, the bow disappears from the world for 1d100 years.

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October 12, 2012It was a full house, with at least nine participants in the game, and another half dozen friends and family doing all they could to interrupt and disturb us role-players. Luckily i have a loud voice and a commanding presence. i like parties and crowds at my house, and don’t mind large playing groups which is odd since i am pretty introverted by nature. Being a dm draws out the performer in me, and I feel exhilarated when trying to hold a room’s full of attention. At these times, besides funny voices and gesticulations, I have even been known to dance.

That said, there is a great benefit to a smaller, more concentrated gaming experience. More people to please means less time to spend on the details, and the game sessions can seem rushed, rail-roaded, or incomprehensible. I am blessed with a mix of both types of audience with participation varying from week to week due to the players busy schedules, and obvious lack of enthusiasm for the game! (just kidding.) I try to prepare ahead of time for the number of people expected to play that week, and if possible, I try to plan a session that can expand to fit more people or contract into some “serious rolepolaying” for a smaller group. I plan the friday dinner with similar thoughts in mind. This week we had an XL lasagna from stouffers – a great choice for twelve dallars it can feed ten to fifteen people. A pair of garlic loafs and we had a feast of merriment prepared. Ok maybe the glass of strawberry crush and watermelon schnapps helped my merriment but anyhoo…

But back to the game. We started with a group colony building excercise as the first week of life on the new world progressed. Each member of the party was assigned a role in the expedition. The walls were built with the help of the master woodworker chibi fanaton whom they had picked up from the Isle of Dread, as well as a main gate, and side gate, and a guard tower. Inside the walls, another store house was built, and a central square was laid out with shops and houses. It was decided the governor’s mansion would be a walled enclosure within the main walls.
the five barbarian introduced themselves as danes from the Isle of Danehelm off the coast of this land, and warned that the mainland was haunted by vengeful spirits of nature. they applaude the attempt to build a colony and agreed to help in return for saving their lives from the necromancer, and so they became the town guard, under the watchful gaze of the sorcerer and thug Sherrif.

The royal hunter of Shalazar. the lady elf Bowie spent the week hunting elk (she claimed she bagged 40 – and kept enough for a herd of 20 in the gates. I ruled she caught 4: 2 for the herd; one for the tigerman; and one for the boiling oil, but I get ahead of the story…) While hunting she came aross a huge set of prints that could only be from a gaint owlbear. She estimated the size to be 50 feet tall, and have over 250 hit points. That night the heard the shrieks of the owlbear in the echoing fjords around about.

The next day the began building a wall of brush and sticks, to light in case of attack. About noon they head a boom, then another boom, and it continued rhythmically coming closer. They saw trees shake and prepared for the worst, when suddenly a huge elephant strode into view. The elf rogue (and my wife) called it and asked if there was a tent on top. In fact there was, it was Fafhrd Felis the Merchant Lord Rakshasa and dealer in rarities and antiquities. He traded magic items.

The impeccably dressed and french accented tiger man introduced himself and told them he was happy to see people settle these lands once again. he told them the lands were ancient and there were many tombs ripe for plunder, and he even offered them a magic item to help them find the treasure – a pickaxe +1 of booty looting. Besides being a +1 pick or axe, it also can mine through 1 cubic foot of stone per minute and glows warm in the presence of gold. Fafrhd also offered to trade for any magic items and the Sherrif traded her recently acquired ring of x-ray vision for a +1 longaword infused with scrolling fire on its blade.


They used the pick to dig a moat around the new town, and just in time, because Owlbear-zilla attacked the next morning. It was just as hokey as it sounded, and was still lots of fun ad the owlbear shook and raved and chased them down and barrelled through the fire. At one point it seemed like three quarters of the party suddenyl had the magic missile spell. I have never seen the like, as soon as the owlbear charged to within 100 feet, a salvo of at least 5-7 magic missiles launched from the town wall. ANd there are only two first level wizards in the party! Very strange indeed. When the owlbear stood before the walls, he used a claw-claw attack that randomly targeted both wizards – doing 4d6+4 and instantly dropping them both. The snake charmer Jamboonathon was lucky and never bled out, but as for poor little female elf wizard, she didn’t quite make it, and the 1d6 of bleed damage sent her spirit to Valinor. At one point, one of the wizards cried out in fear and frustration “No matter, I will just create an exact duplicate.”

Oh will you? ((sinister laughter))

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