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Tonight’s adventure began with the introduction of a new character – Shannon chose to cross genders and play an 11 year old boy named Thomas Thugg. Being a month late for the start of the new fall 1936 Hogwarts school-year, the child was forced to wait at the entrance to Diagon Alley for the Purple Bus. Soon the crazy double decker careened around the corner and skidded to a halt in front of the magical alleyway.

Out stepped a middle-aged bear of a man squeezed into a professional Quiddith uniform twenty years out of date. In was Saxton “Babe Ruth of Quidditch” Hamm, the Hogwarts caretaker and chief errand runner. He led the lad through the secret entrance into the Wizard Mall, and there Thomas Thug was found to favor a nine inch long Hemlock wand with phoenix feather core. He then received a small pocket owl from the familiar store, picked up his books,robes, and striped sweater, and made the long bus ride back to Hogwarts.

Thomas Thugg was introduced to the main teachers when he arrived: Sir Arthur Conan Pendragon Doyle of Gryffindor, Muffintop of Hufflepuff, the mysterious Lady Maria Sharia Santiago of Ravenclaw, and finally Dr. Von Rippenspine, the Prussian Defense of Dark Arts professor and head of Slytherin. They made way for Headmaster Albert Einstein Jr. National English Treasure, and honorary Rorayl family Jewel. He was the greatest wizard to walk the earth, and was made emergency Headmaster at the young age of 30 when the previous headmaster died over the summer of 1936. The Ministry of Magic Divination Department has detected a major world war in the near future, but have not been able to pinpoint the main point of agression. So far it is a toss up between Germany, Soviet Russia, and the Easter Island.

After a few pointed questions, Thugg is unceremoniously dumped into Slytherin, and his shool year begins. The next day is Defense of the Dark Arts. Thugg shares the classroom with John Smith, Gwendolyn Weasley, Ivan Ivanonv, along with the Deepmittens clan, all seven. The doctor announces today is the day to learn what he calls the cold cruciatus curse, also known as Ray of Frost. The Deepmittens are lined up against one wall opposite the other four, and they roll initiative and the battle is on. Nurse Ratchett has been given special clearance to apperate injured children into the medical ward.

Ivan Petrov fires the first shot and scores a critical hit against Lokat, turning him to ice. The nurse quickly transports the dwarf to the infirmary. The lady dwarf Tohat (distinguishable from the others only by the pink dress she wears under her robes ad her high pitched Ms Piggy voice) is next to go, and in tears she proclaims their secret love affair is over, and she commences to slam the Czech turning his wand-arm to ice. He manages to use his wand in his off-hand for the rest of the fight, though with lesssened affect.

The battle raged back and forth with dwarves taking the worst of it though many lost a limb to the icy blasts. At one point the Czaech accidentally called his own name while casting ray of frost and managed to switch places with Tohat. When it was over, practically the entire class needed a trip with Nurse Ratchett to the infirmary, and the dwarves vowed that they would avenge this ignoble defeat by such inferior brats as the player characters.

The next day is the first day of flying lessons, taught by a stern Mrs. Weasley, mother of Gwendolyn. No First years student is allowed their own broomstick, and so they are issued the QUidditch cast off brooms, except for Thoms Thug whose father is head oa British Avionics, and sends his daughter the latest in broom technology, a Numbus 36. Few o the children are able to master the flying, but an one child breaks a limb while being flung from their broom.

Christmas break was fast approaching, and Albert Einstein reminded them of their errand to to retrieve the “Zero Mass Spell” and Merlin’s body from his burial mound beneath Robin Hood Hill in Nottignham. The Childrem begin by flying, but Thomas Thugg and Alexi Pachenko are such terrible flyers that they decide to take a local muggle train. Wearing pointe hats, robes, and carrying brooms, they manage to stand out on the train platform, but Gwendolyn Weasley talks them onto a cabin after Thomas uses prestidigitation to create 50 pounds. Their fee is 5 pounds apiece for the four of them.

They soon arrive at Nottingham station and make their way to Robin Hood Hill. They are surprised to find it is a museum and speak for a few minutes to the curator, who wears a purple robe with silver and gold stars and moons sewn onto it. The children realize he is no true wizard, but only a muggle pretender without giving themselves away. They convince the muggle they are volunteers for the day, and ask where the Merlin section is. Only to glad to be rid of them, the curator tells them it is the deepest cellar, and goes back to doing nothing.

Down a metal creaking stairway they go, into a wax museum recreation of Merlins Laboratory. A very bad likeness of Merlin done up in wax and wearing clothes like the muggle upstairs is the main feature. There is nothing of interest, but Thugg discovers a door cleverly concealed behind a wood panel. Alexi Pachenko steps up and with a howl at the moon and a burst of strength, he tears the panel away revealing an ancient oaken door, banded in bronze, with steel spikes driven into the stone and sealing it closed.

Using prestidigitation and ray of frost, they get the door open and find Merlins actual final resting place, complete with a wall full of cubby-holes which was his scroll and spell collection, filled with crumbling scrolls. In the center ofthe room was a stone plinth and it was empty except for a calling card that read “Merlins coffin purchased my Sir WIlliam MacGuffin, Esquire, Egyptologist of Lodon England, 1912.

Ok, to wrap things up, they seek out the Museum of Egyptology of Englad, after another muggle train ride, where they meeet a Mr. Stearn, who informs them that Sir MacGuffin was a famed Egyptian archeologist of the turn of the century who found the famed Crypt of the Princess Amun-Ray. However she was cursed, ad all who interacted with her sarcophagus were fated to die by horible means. (Final Destination style.) Stearns said that after years of Egypt work, MacGuffn suddenly started digging in the Nottingham area and suddenly called hi one night to book passage on the first boat leaving for America. It was the titanic.

Due to the curse, MacGuffin had fallen on hard times, and besies his ancestral home, he was destitute, and could not afford butlers, maids, nore even food. The children find their way to his home,break in trhough a window, and make their way to MacGuffins study. On his desk they find a ticket stub for a one way passage to America on the Titanic, along with a bill of lading for baggage that includes two suit cases and an egyptian coffin.

They find his work room, and discover a large stone agyptian sarcophagus with the lid removed. Set on chairs are two mummified suicide handmaids, who the children know would have killed themselvs, so they could guard their princess’s mummified remains. The huge stone box was empty, though a close inspection revealed chips of wood, some o it covered with gold flake or blue-green gems, around the base of the sarcophagus. WHen they come near, the two female mummies arise and call out “Amun Ray!” then attack by trying to strangle their victim wth powerful grip.

Gwendolyn Weasly and John Smith each get struck, while Thugg and Alexi fire rays of frost from behind. Whenever a young wizard is struck by a mummy, they hear a voice in their heads proclaiming them cursed by Princess Amun-Ray to meet an untimely and painful end (FIinal Destination style, ya thats an evil dm curse, forget mummy rot.)

Gwyndolyan and Smith went dow, but tangled the mummy’s feet in a coil of rope and allowed the other two to blast the suicide mummy maids into chunks with ray of frost. John Smith was nearly smothered by the mummfified bosom when it fell on his semi-conscious form. The two champions, Alexi and Thugg helped their friends recover but claimed the egyptian amulets as their prize, and put them on.

A further searh revealed sketches of the princess Amun Ray’s coffin, which calculated the remaining space inthe coffin besdides the princess, ad they also found a secret sale of the corpse of Merlin (a national treasure) to an American for $100,000 dollars. The answwer to their quest apparently lay 1000 miles to the east, in the frigid waters of the atlantic ocea.

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