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DnD2011 - One Night in Free Port

The year of 2011 began with the player characters achieving 10th level – the paragon tier, and rang out with an epic clash with a primordial that saved the world and propelled each of the heroes to demi-god status. Every Friday night at my house, the gang gathers about the round (or sometimes oval) table to toss aside the frets of the week and have fun, enjoy friendship, food, and bask in the glory of victory, or wallow in the depths of defeat, depending mostly upon my whim as an Evil DM and Agent of Chaos.


This year we experimented in all sorts of tasty foods. Some weeks, we plan out elaborate affairs, with emails flying back and forth as to ingredients, side dishes, drinks and other important equipment. Other times, we just cobble together whats at hand, or my beautiful wife will create one of her many delicious recipes. The food is a great part of what keeps the game together, because hey! people gotta eat, right?

Volcano of Dread

The year started out auspiciously, the characters had survived the desiccating deserts of Dark Sun and had beaten the demi-lich and lord of Time and Space in his tomb. The Isle of Dread was a paradise when they stepped through the portal, lush with life and vigor – so what if they had to fight off a bunch of four armed white apes, this was part of the natural flow of life.

Hex Discovering the Fountain of Gold

While on the Isle, they fought hags, displacer panthers, and discovered an Enchanter’s Mansion under bewitchment. They rescued his three children and the enchanter from enchantment. They freed a race of chibi fanatons from servitude and discovered the origin of the halfling race.

Brood of Fang TItan Drakes feed on remains of party

Oh at some point most of them were eaten by a T-rex Fang Titan Drake and its brood. Hex fled the scene, chased by a raging T Rex all the way back into the jungle where he met Felipe strolling along.

Capturing the Githyanki Pirate Ship - Bleche Pieulle

Some live, some die, all are captured by pirates. After escaping capture, they slew the Githyanki pirate band to steal their ship – the Bleche Pieulle.

Attack of the Purple Sea Worm

On the renamed Pyrpyl Wyrm +3 and with a crew of escaped slaves and chibi fanaton, the freebooters sailed across the Sea of Dread region, fighting a sea purple worm and taking its skull for a prize, and its hide for sails. They explored caves and small isles, fought a hydra, dracolich, and other fantastic creatureas and locations, until they came to the Free Port City of the Marquoille, where the gang engaged in politics, and uncovered a secret serpentine plot to capture the city.

Other stuff happened, then they killed a primordial who blew up, instantly slaying the heroes in an apocalypse of divine chaos energy. Read about it below:

Game night Jan 7 – Dropped into a volcano full of tepid lava
Game night Jan 14th – Coming down the mountain
Game night Jan 21st – Heartless Vampire Zombies
Game night Jan 28th – Camus the Catoblepas… and a kraken
Game night Feb 4th – The Amber Mansion
Game night Feb 11th – Devil Games in the basement
Game night Feb 18th – Exploring the enchanters dungeon
Game night Feb 25th – 3 imps and an underworld uprising
Game night March 5th – Storming the Infernal Underwold
Game night March 11 – Tartarus the disgraced pit fiend and his wicked love
Game night Irish edition 2011 – The Cattle Raid on Donn Culaigne
Game night March 25 – Chibi-Fanaton and the Well of Gold

Game night April fools – Armored assault in the steaming jungle
Game night April 8 – Halfling evolution and the Serpent Caves
Game Night April 15 – Recovering the Black Pearl
Game night April 29 – Slaughtered by a Fang Titan
Game Night May 6 – A Narrow Escape
Game Night May 13th – Commandeering the Githyanki Ship Bleghche-Pieulle
Game Night May 21st – Sailing into the Paragon Tier
Game Night May 27th Sailing the Seas of Dread
Game Night June 3 – Wandering Sea Cave Savage Humanoid Encounter
Game Night June 10th – Caught Between Skulla and Charmander
June 17th – The Dockside Politics of Freeport
Game Night June 24 – A day in the life of a freeporter – Pursers, Tattoos, and a brawl
july 15 – Voting Early and Often in Free Port
Game Night July 22- So Long and Thanks for all the Fish Monsters
August 5 – Giants in the Keep
Aug 19 – Revenge of the Giants
Aug 26 – The Vaults Beneath D Argent
Sep 9 – Steading of the Hill Giants
Game Night Sept 16 – Steading the Hill Giants and Uncle Titan in the basement
Game Night Sept 23 – Continuing the Revenge of the Giants
Game Night Sept 30 – Revenge of the Giants: The Cave of Vestapalk and Physantos
Game Night Oct 28 – Halloween with Strahd
Game Night Thanksgiving Black Friday 2011 – The Demi Gods of Time and Space – a 4e Campaign from levels 1-15

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The sixth season of Dungeons and Dragons Encounters: The Lost Crown of Neverwinter was also my last. Due to an ever-increasing busy schedule and the relocation of my local game store, I was forced to retire,for the time at least, and hand off the DM torch to another younger, stronger than myself. This adventure was a wild ride through the streets of Neverwinter, battling were-rats in the sewers and choosing sides in a war to determine who rules the city.

This was also the season I took the most liberty with, since I was playing with a group of mostly younger players. We had a recurring villain “Ninga-Jedi” and other fun stuffs. The reporting also became spotty, and for the first time, sessions went undocumented, forever left to the imagination. Sorry about that folks, read seasons 1 – 5 for some epic story telling. Overall, it was a great adventure, and in many ways, each season is an improvement on all the past seasons as the publishers learn and push the boundaries.

Played every Wednesday night at The Basement Games in Zona Rosa, KC MO. between the hours of 6 and 8 pm.

Session 1 – Lets Get This party Started
Session 6 – Trickster Magic
Session 6 (or 4) – Belly Flopper Bridge Battle
Session 8 – Sewer Rats and Crocs
Session 9 – Rat Fink Halflings

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