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So out two year long campaign ended this weekend with a climactic battle against the Primordial Piranoth (from Revenge of the Giants) that destroyed the primordial and released an enormous explosion of fiery elemental and divine energies that instantly slew the heroes, erupted the volcano the heart of which was Piranoth’s prison, and ultimately destroyed the northern town of Neverwinter at its feet. But the world of D Erte was saved from the grim future of the dying world of Dark Sun, the final conclusion set in motion by the Giant War. The death of Piranoth ended the war and Law was victorious over Chaos once again in the eternal war of balance fought on the battlefields of the mortal realms.

The powerful energies released by Piranoth’s destruction infused the spirits of the mortals who slew him, and they in turn became demi-gods and were idolized as immortal supeheroes amongst their peoples forever after. Poppy Nine Toes became the Avatar of the Raven Queen to the Elves, and Thokk became the Councillor of War to the Orcish god Gruumsh, and was claimed to lead a horde of mongrel humanoids that plundered across southern D Erte from the Red Keep to the Walls of Greater Shalazar in the decades that followed. Felipe was already an icon in the Furred Fashion industry of D Erte, and was forever after called upon in times of need for fashion and style. Many of her rituals involved getting undressed and hairy. The vampire Rook was already undead, so her transformation was least noticeable. She became the most powerful vampire on D Erte, even rivalling the Immortal Queen Cadence of Shalazar, her mother. They forever fought or maybe joined in alliance to conquer the world who knows.

Hex the Space (curse like a)Pirate became the foundation and model for a new college that arose called the School of Swordlockery, and it taught a form of meditation known as Curse-n-Stab. Tolro, Tolstoy, Tolkein, Tollhouse Elf became a spirit of luck amongst the elves, and often a prayer would be whispered to her before making a tricky archery shot, or baking a batch of cookies. Now John Smith, also known as the Archer of Dale, slew the red dragon Smaug and saved his people. Wait, wrong John. It was John Smith, also known as “The Texas Ranger” who slew the fire giant King Snurl and the primordial Piranoth in a hail of attacks he perfected known as the “Twin-Twin Strike.” His people were strict lutherans, so his memory was merely anointed that of Patriarch of People Whose Name Starts with J.

And so ended a campaign of 2 years of weekly games, with a few interruptions here and there. It lasted approximately 90-100 sessions total, most of which are chronicled on this blog. The Characters reached 15th level and were at the height of their power, and had fought their way across time and space to defeat their foes and find their way home. In the end they gave their lives to save the world (and because they were OP and had to be destroyed, unfairly if required.) But they achieved immortal status and changed the face of the world of D Erte forever.

Synopsis of the Campaign

The campaign started just after Christmas 2009 with the adventure the Keep on the Shadowfell. From their followed a series of encounters as the heroes of that adventure chased down the information they had learned about a cursed knife that the defeated elf Ninaren had used to try and enslave the elven people. They passed through the hamlet of Hommlett and were accused of burning down a barn and killing and old man, when they were attacked by a flaming beholder. In the town of Winterhaven they met the leader of a mercenary company called the White Rose who it turned out was sister to Ninaren, and they were attacked by their father Zagnazerak the Lord of Time and Space who cursed them with a red lightning bolt that sent then to the world of Dark Sun.

Arriving bereft of all but their most prized possessions, the heroes had to cross a burning desert and they fought dinosaurs merely to drink the still steaming blood. They came upon a cursed city in the sands known as Nazerak, and met new heroes to join them on the journey, such as Sir Hex-a-lot, Sharia the Flame princess and Ria the heala to name a few.

While there they helped the White Rose end the curse of the people of Nazerak, and found that the world of Dark Sun was merely a terrible future world of D Erte, after Zagnazerak destroys it by creating a war between the giants of chaos and the mortals of Law. They learn that to get home to their time, they need to escape through the portal that lies in the bowels of Zagnazeraks Treasure Vaults, in the capital city of Tyr. They journey to the palace grounds through a teleporting water system, and sneak into the vaults where they must battle Sapho the Electric Blue Gremlin Infused Blue Dragon which is incredibly in the same chamber where they slew Ninaren and Kalarel during the epic conclusion of Keep on the Shadowfell. They fought amongst dusty dry pools of their own ten thousand year old blood.

After defeating the dragon, they escape through the portal and find themselves in a dark future where the entire world is dead and the sun is just a bright star in the sky. The surface of the world is covered in bones and a road of skulls leads to a cube shaped mountain, with skulls of a billion dead heaped around it. This is the tomb and final resting place of Zagnazerak, also known as the Tomb of Horrors.

They survive, butbarely, and it was a year ago that happened. After leaving the tomb, with Zagnazerak’s spirit eternally destroyed, they are greeted by Santos, who showers them with gifts and leads them to the city at the end of time. The city is where heroes retire, and it exists outside the normal flow of time. They rest for a time,and are then offered a choice of destinations, each of which lead back to their time. One choice is a strange time of turmoil in an alternate version of D Erte called Gamma World. The other choice is a place in the Fey Wild called the Isle of Dread. They choose the Isle, as they have seen things called “guns” in this weird world, and want nothing to do with them.

On the Isle, they befriend creatures known as Chibi Fanaton, which are like sharp tooth flying monkey halflings with long dagger wielding prehensile tails. They also save the wizard Obitello Amber, and his children Xvart, Ismelda and Isolda. At some point most of the party is eaten by a Fiendish T-Rex Fang Titan Drake, or FTR-FTD.

Then they steal a pirate ship from the githyanki and head to a town known as the Free Port City of the Samarquoil. Here they engage in the strange pirate politics of the town and uncover a plot to take over the town by a serpent cult who are merely pawns of the Yuanti Serpent Men. They carry the warning of a Yuanti Invasion to the Queen of Shalazar and while there, meet Rowthar, who they know from the City at the End of Time. They know the time has come to fight the great battle that will determine the fate of the world, and so gird their loins and head north to rebuild the city of D Argent, city of Heroes – and future City at the End of Time.

They gather the lion men people back to the city to work as the stewards and companions to heroes, and then they begin defeating the kings of the giant folk one by one, while recovering pieces of a divine engine that is said to keep their lord and master, Piranoth the Primordial locked for all time in the heart of a volcano. And so on…

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