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This week, the adventurers left Shalazar on a quest to escort their ally Rowthar back to the ruined city where he woke up with amnesia. On the way, they wanted to stop by the ruined keep owned by Thokk and Poppy, so they had heard it was infested with giants.

As they neared their lands, they came to the village of Hommlett which looked abandoned. As they approached, they realized it was under bombardment from the nearby keep. A group of 3 hill giants and their pet roc had taken up residence and were hurling the stoned of the keep at the village, one by one. This was Poppy and Thokk’s keep, and they wouldn’t stand to let it be destroyed, so they mounted an immediate attack.

The ruins of the keep were nearby, and the characters were able to sneak up behind a hillside to close distance, before launching their attack. Felipe crept out forward and took on the roc, while the rest of the party surged ahead like an army of wild Indians. Tonight also featured a new character, Shorty the dwarf cleric, played by my daughter Audrey (who has played before but never on a permanent basis. This may change.)

The giants hit hard with the leader wielding an axe that with the push of a stud became enveloped in sickly yellow electricity, causing anyone struck to fly backwards and land prone, while the two lesser hill giants hurled rocks or struck out with rock-holding fist. The roc had a good time lifting Felipe up 50 feet and dropping her, and trying to do the same to Poppy, but in the end they were no match for the group of 13th level heroes, and they were able to clear out Poppy and Thokk’s ruined fortress.

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