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So the heroes of too many adventures to list here are embroiled in the politics of the free port city of the Marquoil, and have been given instruction by the deities Raven Queen and Erathis to see that the correct king is crowned. Having determined the guilt of three of the four merchant lords, it becomes clear that Lord Crabstone is the only merchant lord fit to rule.

Lord grey Frost and his belief in the equality of all intelligent creatures led him to become allied with the evil Sahaugin. He was deemed unfit, but Crabstone professed that it was Grey Frost’s fecklessness rather than evil intentions that led to the sahaugin alliance. Prince tallyman, son of the dead king, was discovered to have killed his father and therefore cannot be king, and finally lord Samarquoil was found to be in leage with the Snake Tongue Cultists, and in fact was their secret leader, and therefore had no right to the kingship. This left only the stout red-face Lord Crabstone, who normally sat back and played at politics passively.

He took up the reins, and with the aid of the PCs it was decided that they must strike first to insure that the false pretenders to the crown do not usurp the throne. He handles the Tallyman, while he sends the heroes off with 100 of his soldiers to bring in lord Samarquoil dead or alive.

Phase one of the operation involved storming the Delta Suburb, a floating platform/town that rests in the protected cove of a nearby river delta, which is the seat of House Samarquoil power. Arriving on the scene, they find a Crystalnacht-like event happening, where the snake tongue cultists are hunting down all the non-snake tongue civilians and slaughtering them in the streets. Poppy and Thokk each lead a troupe of 50 soldiers down the two long docks of the main platform, while Hex, felipe and Rook sneak into the mansion for the Lord. He is not there, but they find a note from his sister, flameborn, who is the wizard in charge of the fireball launching catapult on the roof of the main defensive fortress above free Port. The note admonishes her brother for getting involved with the snake tongue cult, but ends with an offer of protection if he comes to the stone building where she resides.

By this time, the civilians are safe, and Thokk is pleased with the 40 cultists he slew, out of a total of 200 on the docks. The heroes go to the fortress, meet up with Crabstone who is hard pressed to hold back the angry crowds while the heroes assault the final redoubt of Celebrant and Flameborn Samarquoil in the stone library building atop Flambeaux Hill. The map I used is the same map from Dark legacy of Evard for the 2 story library. It is a great place to have a wizard on the top floor blasting away at the players down below, slipping and sliding on books, and in theis battle, dealing with large constricting snakes, as well as a pair of hellhounds. Hijinks ensue.

In the end, Flameborn pleaded for her life once Lord Celebrant was struck down, and the party acquiesced, since she was just protecting her brother. They decided to arrest her and let Lord Grey Frost, Merchant King of Free port, deal with the problem.

Oh and something about an army of yuan-ti in the jungle.

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