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The Keep on the Borderlands

One of my favorite views of the Keep on the Borderlands, recently appended to Restwell Keep, is this map by an artist who goes by the name “crazyred.” A version of this map appeared in the DnD Encounters Season 4 adventure Keep on the Borderlands: A Season of Serpents, and a keyed version appeared in Dragon 176 feature on the Keep. It was of great use during the adventure. and the two together combine to form an excellent dragon-filled introductory campaign.

Restwell Keep Tactical Map

This is a recreation of Restwell Keep done using the tactical maps from A Season of Serpents. The map is not perfect, and the most glaring change is that the bank has switched sides from the southern wall to be adjacent to the keep. There are plenty of minor differences as well, such as the complete lack of an inner bailey, but to throw down this almost 300′ wide town is still pretty impressive. It also makes a congruent town shape, where the outer edges become the outer stone walls. With the addition of some dungeon tiles, even more possibilities open up.

The map was made by first photographing the poster maps from above, and avoiding glare was impossible for me to achieve. Next I used Gimp (free graphics software) Perspective tool to square them up. I imported them as map tiles of the correct number of squares into Masterplan, and voila – Restwell Keep on the Borderlands.

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