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The Purple Worm

With a final farewell to the Ilse of Dread, the heroes of D Erte set sail at long last into the setting sun. They passed a lone rock jutting from the sea and a lo-ong sad moo-ing sound came to thei ears from across the waves. It eas Camus the catoblepas come to bid them farewll and to thank tem for their aid while on the island. When asked about the fog bank that they had to sail through to leave the island, he warned that it was a neve ending storm on the other side of the fog, and it was best crossed during the day when it was at its weakest. SO they set anchor until the following morn.

The navigator Tolro checked weather, wind and currents, as the captain, the warlod Ling Wei, took charge of the chibi fanaton in the rigging. Poppy kept lookout from the crows nest while Felipe acted as the helmsman, steering the massive ship. Hex the sword-lock took over as Boatswain, and commanded a crew of chibi for repair and improvement, as well as manning the ballista, with Sfarts aid. FInally Thokk was down below with the cook duties, as well as row master. The damsel Ismelda became his assistant cook. And so they sailed into a moderate storm that kept them rowing or 2 days as they clawed north of the isle for 40 leagues before turning their prow est towards the isolated cape town of Free Port, a hive of scum and villainy.

On the second day they came to a small atoll of two uninhabited islands. Beyond them was a patch of seaweed hundreds of feet in diameter, a sargasso as they are known. With Poppys keen eyes she saw a big ridged purple back break the surface and part the seaweed before going back under. She could tell it had turned towards them. At the same time the fury of the storm was increasing, so the captain ordered the ballista manned and the ship to continue pulling away. The within moments the head of a long puprle worm brok the surface and Hex hit it squarely with his lightning-infused arcane ballista.

The purple sea worm dove again and came up right at the corner of the ship. It looked like a giant purple eel with a ring of long sharp teeth, but their was a dire intelligence in those evil glowing eyes, and it had the facial structure of a draconic nature. The head launched itself forward in a devouring lunge. Hex was swallowed, sent sloshing around into the interior of the long tubular serpent. The snake them contimued its movement up andacross the deck. Poppy in the crows nest, communed with her deity and spectral crows wings flowed out from behind her as she flew-charged down to attack the purple worm and land on its back.

The worm was pushed from thedeck once, but came up on the other side where it devuoured Sfart and spit his torn remains at Ling Wei. Everyone was knocked into the water by the threshing of the body, even Felipe had to turn into a raptor to escape the water once. The mast was broken and killed 4 rowers on its way down, then threatened to capsize the boat as it leaned over the side.

At long last Poppy hewed the worm in two, and they caught its head before it sunk beneath the waves. They had plans to take the corpse of the purple worm and turn their damaged ship into a purple worm of its own.

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