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In my continuing quest to provide pregenerated one page character sheets, I am pleased to show off my latest attempt, which combines art with the sheet. These one page sheets provide all pertinent information, including powers. The inspiration for these sheets is most definitely the sleek and beautiful characters handed out for each season of Encounters. These sheets are created to be printed out on 8 1/2 x 11 in landscape layout.
Get Lord Frost in PDF
Get Gale in PDF

Lord Frost

Dragonborn Vampire Lord Frost is an undying vampire of deathly blue pallor, trading in his mortality for the chance at eternal life. Once a commander of mercenaries, he still maintains a militaristic bearing.

Gale the Hunter

Elven hunter Gale is a wood elf of the deep forests, whose attunement with nature is unparallelled. Against large creatures Gale takes on the aspect of the lion, otherwise the hunter maintains the aspect of the cunning fox, slipping away from danger.

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