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The Wild Isle of Wide Eyed Dread

The session ended with the sun setting behind the volcano Teravaku dminishing in the distance as the heroes sailed away from the Wild Isle of Wide-eyed Dread on a recently liberated privateer, singing sea chanties about the joys of finally attaining the paragon tier. They made way for the nearest port of call, the city of Shalazar, jewel of the Emerald and Jade Seas, two score days of good sailing to the northwest. The tale that led to this ending and new beginning is a good one, worth telling. It started in the aftermath of the battle to escape the githyanki pirate outpost. They did this by pirating the pirate ship right out from under the pirates ho had pirated them in first place.

The captain shook his fist in the air. I will get you pesky meddlers!” he screamed, shaking Thokk’s great axe Jaggedy in the air. Thokk immediately dove into the water to retrieve his axe which was now 100 yards away where the captain had regrouped with his crew from shore. A zombie hulk stood in the deck of a galley, along with four slaves and the slave master, two gith mentalists patiently waiting in the rear, and the githyanki lookout mindslicer. The captain leapt into the large oat with his comrades as Thokk argued with his allies. He could not leave his fathers fathers axe behind (which also happened to be a +3 flaming jagged greataxe) no matter what the cost. The rest of the party tried to convince him to wait for later, but Thokk knew later meant more enemies to fight – axe-less. A shark approached, ready to tear the half orc to shreds, but when Thokk failed to intimidate the dumb beast, he fled to the dugout canoe of Hexes. Using this he paddled towards the enemy and said shouted back to the ship to continue on without him. he would return with his axe or meet up later.

Philippe launched three ballista javelins towards the enemy longboat an hit twice, driving them to shore where a large bonfire was stoking. Thokk pulled up onto the eah to the south of the walled encapment andcrepot around towards the locked gate. With the scout tower burned down they could not see what lay over the tall walls so THokk was conealed as he crept like a panther along the wall, the late Sharia’s frosty cracking in his hand. Too much had been lost, Thokk decide it ende here. It was time to stat taking things back, sarting with his axe. He came to a large pile of lumber stacked outside the front gate, and just as he was deciding how est to burrow under the wall, he heard the voice of the captain from just the other side of the wall. “You two, come this way and fetch more lumber!”

Meanwhile, the rest of the party secured the boat and discovered four more slave rowers locked below. The weapons, armour and items of all the heroes, living and dead, was piled in two large chests on the deck, and many potions and vials of various magical nature were stowed in the footlockers discovered in the 5 officers quarters above decks. They now had 9 ex-slaves, now liberated rowers, and 4 of them had experience on the deck and in the rigging. The ship was conisidered minimal crew of sub-par quality.

There was only one way out of the protected bay – a narrow and dangerous channel that rushed between two tall cliffs attached by a natural bridge. A fierce current blasted its way through the outlet, made all the worse by the Snake river estuary at the other end of the outlet. The broken hulls of ships and boats littered the narrow rocky beaches. Poppy climbed the rigging like a natural and became the lookout using her acrobatics but mostly perception. Felipe took the helm and bacame ships pilot knowing it would take a combination of athletics and acrobatics. The elven archer Torlo took up the astrolabe and beame navigator. Quickly she learned that the the weather and sea currents were every bit as impotan as the positions of the stars. She found a current that guided them right down the center of the outlet, but there was a cross current that threatened always to push them into the beach. Wing Lei knew people, and she knew these slaves, had roweed with them before the rescue. She was the natural leader in the situation and with the approval of the others, she took command as captain. SInce there was no sail set, she stood below and directed the rowers. Eventually she had to send all the rowers to one side of the ship after they over corrected and threatened to founder in the current.

Poppy watched the approaching cliff walls with trepidation, sure they would be smashed to smithereens, but she also watched the beach, where the pirates were constructing something out of heavy wooden beams near the bonfire. Then her elven eyes suddenyl focused on an unimaginably tiny detail of the activity on the veach, and she saw a sudden spray of blood arc above the back wall of the pirate camp. She smiled to herself, and felt for a moment a surge of rage she knew well.

Thokk crouched behind the woodpile ready to strike. He heard a slave mutter “This one, grab the other end.” and when the slave saw him and gasped in surprise, The frost axe clove the scrawny thing in twain. Blood slewed in an arc from his blade as he leapt forward and in three steps ended the other slave life. This was the surprise round, and Thokk waited breathing calmly. A moment later his dremas were answered as the captain, recently bandaged and holding his side with one hand and the axe over his shoulder. “What’s going on – oh its you!” Roll for surprise, Thokk wins, slams his axe into the captain, savagely, then slams his axe into the captain a second time. Thokk lets the momentum of the axe spin him forward and around and Thokk moves between the captain and the door. The Githyanki takes the obvious opening in the barbarians defenses and swings THokks own axe at the half orcs chest. Thokk knew his grandfathers axe would not amr him and laughed at how easy it was to step out of the way of the clumsy attack, ad how the over exteneded captain was leaning forward from the axe blow, and his face war perfectly in line with the pommel in THokks fist. He slamed the captain for a third time in as many seconds and smailed at the skull cracking he felt through the blow. The captain fell to the gound with a grunt and thokk slammed his bare foot into the lipless face of Captain Zap Zaggo until his face was a bloody mess. He stooped and took up the silver longsword in his other hand and made way for his canoe, only to see that his frineds were already leaving him.

He rowed as fast as he coul and caught up just as they shot through the sluicing ride out into the open sea. They made it, and continued on into the dawn to lay anchor at the meeting place they had arranged with their allies the chibi fanaton. They could see an encampment on the beach of small fuzzy creatures in front of the wreck of a saling ship. Near them were logs and lumber and other woodworking tools as promised. The sun rose aobve the waves in a green flash of light through the waves and then its rays fell on the gloriously over-sized jet-black flag of the pirate ship flaping and cracking in the morning breezes. As the party prepared to meet their frineds the chibi fanaton, they heard the sound of screams from shore and watched as the whole bunch scattered up the beach and into teh tall grass at its verge.

They made it to shore and Poppy called for them. “Chibi chibi Fanaton!” she houted and was pleased to see a head pop up above the grass. Then she noticed it was Sfart, son of the wizard Amber. They made a deal with 30 fanaton that if they could use the crown of knowledge to become halflings, they would make the voyage and serve as crew. Then they made a deal with Sfart that if he could come back to Shalazar with them, he would get supplies from his fathers mansion. Whats more, he would install a magic portal onto the deck of the new ship. The party grudgingly agreed since they wanted to leave the island as soon as possible.

Thokk led a mission to the mansion, and while there he received a beautifully drawn map of the Jade Sea and its environs, including their destination Shalazar. Then Freedom the halfling showed up with 5,000 worth of gold nuggets in a large backpack as thanks for saving them, and at the last minute the wizard pulled a unicorn bunny from beneath his robe to give to Poppy.

This has gone on long enough, and you know the rest from the first sentence. Next week the characters will be 11th level as they make their voyage to distant Shalazar, jewel of the Jade and Emerald Seas.

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