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Seeming over so soon at 13 weeks – the March of the Phantom Brigade has come to rest. It was a well made adventure by one of the Wizards of the Coast’s top designers, Rodney Thompson, and continued the process of refining the adventure with each passing season. To say each adventure was better than the last in this epoch known as the Encounters Era would not be far from the truth. Technically this was the best adventure yat, and it was included all in a single package, rather than the woeful multiple mailings of all but the first season. It also changed the way the adventure was written so that the DM could read through it week by week as the adventure progressed, rather than having to continuously flip back and forth between pages. March of the Phantom Brigade also pushed the boundaries in other ways to, such as the second encounter of the adventure that could go one of three directions. There were also some notable skill challenges such as the search through the winter forest.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5 Nentir Winters Axe
Week 6 The Death of Aldus Splintershield
Week 7 The Sack of Inverness
Week 8 – Showdown with Salazar
Week 9 – The Total Party Kill
Week 10 – Tomb Raiding
Week 11 – Visions, Ghouls, and Dead Elf Rangers
Week 12 – Vampire Kills and kills and kills; … and kills.

Week 13 – Last March of the Phantom Brigade

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