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The Githyanki Privateer Bleghche Pieulle

Last week’s wild escape left the heroes paddling for their very lives to get away from the pirate camp and towards the pirate ship resting in the sheltered bay. The treasures of their captive and slain friends were known to be onboard, and such was worth the risk.

The longboat with its 6 freed slaves rowing easily made it 100 yards from shore, and Hex’s coracle also shot out into the center of thebay, but poor Poppy and her new elf friend Torlo had a hard time getting their rowboat organized and moving in the right direction. THey only had a pair of free slaves and themselves to pull oars, and it took precious time to get away from the beach. Poppy watched with alarm as the pair of Githzerai leapt through the windo of their hut and dashed down the pier. Torlo wished she had he bow, but knowing it was on the ship gave her renewed vigor, and she began trying to talk the slaves into more strenuous efforts, but merely confused them. They heaved out of range of the gith just in time and watched as they skidded to a halt at the end of the pier. They quickly turned back to the beach and began organizing the remaining forces. On the land remained up to 4 slaves, the zombie hulk, a human slave master and two githzerai who now pulled a broken down old boat out and started feverishly repairing it.

Approaching the prize

On the pirate ship, they could see a figure in the crows nest, and they also spotted two flickering blue lights, like electrical sparks coning one from the for and one from the aft. They quickly formed a plan to try and take the ship by subterfuge if possible, and Hex took the lead as they approached within 25 yards of the ship. Hex called out to the githyanki captain,Zap Zaggo, but even as he did so they saw a figure on shore signalling wth torches to the ship. The captain would not be fooled, and ordered his arcane ballista to fire. Hex ordered all the boats to ramming speed and combat began.

(The way I handled the boats was that they were 75 feet or 15 squares from the ship. Leting the boat drift would bring them in 1d6 squares closer + 1d6 squares per rower. THe boat commander could choose how many of his minions to devote to rowing, and how many to save for the boarding. I thought it hada certain cinematic verisimilitude.) Poppy’s boat made it1 square from the ship and she had to jump for it, while the other two boats laowed prow first into the ship.

On board they could see the two ballista were manned by three gith each – one directed the machine while the other two held special handles and focused their energy into it as the loaded javelin built up a nimbus to electrical energy around it. There were also two gitzerai pirates who each wielded a captured weapon as well as their own silver swords. One held Poppys blade, while the other held their new ally, the escaped warlord Wing Lei. The captain wielded Thokks great axe in one hand, an his sword in the other, while far up the mast was another githyanki sorceror who also held the ranger Torlo’s great bow.

Boarding the Bleghche Pieulle

Hex was first to scramble over board, and sent a githyanki over the other board, the marshal carefully plucking her sword out of his hand as he fell into the water. Poppy had similar luck with her sword during the battle. After the battle, Torlo was relieved and surprised to find her magical great bow floating on the surface of the bay, and with a new string was as right as rain. Only Thokk failed to get his axe back as the xraven captain escaped cowardly on the canoe that Hex built.

One of the ballista was destroyed during the fighting as well as a handful of freed slaves. The heoes of D Erte found themselves in udden possession o a piate ship. How would they use it?

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