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Oh what a long strange trip its been. There is a tradition in my gaming group (stolen from sone one else I read on a blog somewhere) of giving a dream sequence to any character who is knocked unconscious and below zero hit points. This weeks re-cap will come in the form of 6 dream sequences, one for each of the characters in this “Lord of Time and Space” campaign. We will start with Thokk, who was the first, and second, character to take a dirt nap during Friday’s wandering monster encounter with a Fang Titan Drake and its brood.

Thokk dreamt of battle. In his dream long lines of armies met and clashed. The line of soldiers formed a front, that enemies broke upon charge after charge. Thokk floated above the battlefield, watching the gore of bloody battle, but over time he realized that one army was suffering much worse than the other. The army that stretched out in an unbroken line, with its flanks anchored to terrain features suffered very little, while its opposing army suffered mightily hurling itself against their unshakable lines. As Thokk lay dying, bleeding out into the scrabble of the path, a part of his mind wondered if he could have fought differently, rather than senselessly beating himself against an unmovable front line, taking excess punishment for little gain.

Sharia dreamt of fire. Sharia always dreamt of fire since she was the flame princess. She dreamt of the wonderful ways that it can spread and flare up and catch other nearby things on fire. A single spark can turn into a conflagration. As her dreams dwealt on the amazing properties of fire and its ability to spread its wealth, her scimitar, Skarn cooled from the recent heat of her hands. Sharia had leapt into combat alongside her ally, but when faced against 200 baby fang titans, she concentrated on skewering one at a time. If only she had cooked them all at once in a great bonfire of reptilliance.

The next to lie down and dream was Ria. She dreamt of floods of cool water. She came from a desert land, and in her dream her walled town was an island in a flod. A crack she used to peek through sprouted water, and she stemmed the tide with a well placed finger. Soon another crack formed, and another, until water was spoutuing through the wall at various points, and all her fingers were plugging holes, but still it was not enough. Then the water turned red. In her dreams she recounted healing first one ally, then another, but was never able to get ahead of the tide of damage, and her healing energies were like paddling against a tide. She could think of two moments when the battle turned away from her favor – the first was when the spell of pacification cast on the Fang Titan ended so swiftly. The second was when she was stunned by the titan’s ear-shattering roar, and her magic circle of healing vanished. If only…

Poppy dreamt of the unfairness of it all. So many fights, each of them unwinnable, but somehow they had come out victorious, until now. Her deity, the Raven queen, gave her a lucid dream, and it melded perfectly with the last act of her life. With just her and Hex left standing, Poppy made a risky choice to dash across the field of battle and use her limited healing powers on the cleric. Only with the cleric alive, could they hope to rally. But the fates decreed otherwise, and she was struck down by the fangs of a titan, dying just as she was diving towards the unconscious cleric with divinely glowing palms. (Aside: Just before this attack I made a great show of retiring my blue and orange d20 “Sunset” for the night. The dice is named for its abilty to send PCs to eternal slumber, and I picked up my lousiest d20 which promptly rolled a natural 20, thus sealing the fate of Poppy and her allies. So goes the vagaries of random chance.)

Hex did not dream, he was caught in a living nightmare. The morning started off peacefully enough – they had 4 days to kill before they met the chibi fanaton at the sight of the sunken ship, sop they decided to explore the hills on the eastern section of the island. No sooner had they begun passing through the mountain pass that separated the Steaming Jungle from the hills beyond, then they saw a shaking in the bushes and trees ahead. First hundreds of tiny lizards, all teeth and fangs, burst through the undergrowth, in two galloping swarms. Next through the bushed were two man-sized drakes, racing behind the swarms. Then with a deafening roar, the Fang Titan Drake brood mother herself broke through and so began a fight for survival; one that not everyone would win.

Knocked out once, and revived by the cleric, Hex fought his hardest, but it was not enough. Teleporting allies out of the jaws of the Fang Titan, pushing the swarms of baby fang titans over the edge, these tactics only delayed the inevitable, and even bowing to his destiny, and pulling out his silver sword was not enough to turn this ill tide. He soon found himself the last one standing, and knew his only choice was to die with his friends or cut and run. I think we all know what choice he made.

And finally there was Felipe. Her dream came in the form of sleeping in under the shade of a baobab tree. When she finally roused herself from beauty sleep, her foolish allies had already left without her, so she contented herself with a hearty breakfast before following them up into the hills. When she heard the sound of struggle, she turned invisible and ran forward, only to catch a glimpse of Hex madly running the opposite way, back down the hill, with a bloodied and angry Fang Titan Drake chasing him.

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