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The Purple Worm

With a final farewell to the Ilse of Dread, the heroes of D Erte set sail at long last into the setting sun. They passed a lone rock jutting from the sea and a lo-ong sad moo-ing sound came to thei ears from across the waves. It eas Camus the catoblepas come to bid them farewll and to thank tem for their aid while on the island. When asked about the fog bank that they had to sail through to leave the island, he warned that it was a neve ending storm on the other side of the fog, and it was best crossed during the day when it was at its weakest. SO they set anchor until the following morn.

The navigator Tolro checked weather, wind and currents, as the captain, the warlod Ling Wei, took charge of the chibi fanaton in the rigging. Poppy kept lookout from the crows nest while Felipe acted as the helmsman, steering the massive ship. Hex the sword-lock took over as Boatswain, and commanded a crew of chibi for repair and improvement, as well as manning the ballista, with Sfarts aid. FInally Thokk was down below with the cook duties, as well as row master. The damsel Ismelda became his assistant cook. And so they sailed into a moderate storm that kept them rowing or 2 days as they clawed north of the isle for 40 leagues before turning their prow est towards the isolated cape town of Free Port, a hive of scum and villainy.

On the second day they came to a small atoll of two uninhabited islands. Beyond them was a patch of seaweed hundreds of feet in diameter, a sargasso as they are known. With Poppys keen eyes she saw a big ridged purple back break the surface and part the seaweed before going back under. She could tell it had turned towards them. At the same time the fury of the storm was increasing, so the captain ordered the ballista manned and the ship to continue pulling away. The within moments the head of a long puprle worm brok the surface and Hex hit it squarely with his lightning-infused arcane ballista.

The purple sea worm dove again and came up right at the corner of the ship. It looked like a giant purple eel with a ring of long sharp teeth, but their was a dire intelligence in those evil glowing eyes, and it had the facial structure of a draconic nature. The head launched itself forward in a devouring lunge. Hex was swallowed, sent sloshing around into the interior of the long tubular serpent. The snake them contimued its movement up andacross the deck. Poppy in the crows nest, communed with her deity and spectral crows wings flowed out from behind her as she flew-charged down to attack the purple worm and land on its back.

The worm was pushed from thedeck once, but came up on the other side where it devuoured Sfart and spit his torn remains at Ling Wei. Everyone was knocked into the water by the threshing of the body, even Felipe had to turn into a raptor to escape the water once. The mast was broken and killed 4 rowers on its way down, then threatened to capsize the boat as it leaned over the side.

At long last Poppy hewed the worm in two, and they caught its head before it sunk beneath the waves. They had plans to take the corpse of the purple worm and turn their damaged ship into a purple worm of its own.

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In my continuing quest to provide pregenerated one page character sheets, I am pleased to show off my latest attempt, which combines art with the sheet. These one page sheets provide all pertinent information, including powers. The inspiration for these sheets is most definitely the sleek and beautiful characters handed out for each season of Encounters. These sheets are created to be printed out on 8 1/2 x 11 in landscape layout.
Get Lord Frost in PDF
Get Gale in PDF

Lord Frost

Dragonborn Vampire Lord Frost is an undying vampire of deathly blue pallor, trading in his mortality for the chance at eternal life. Once a commander of mercenaries, he still maintains a militaristic bearing.

Gale the Hunter

Elven hunter Gale is a wood elf of the deep forests, whose attunement with nature is unparallelled. Against large creatures Gale takes on the aspect of the lion, otherwise the hunter maintains the aspect of the cunning fox, slipping away from danger.

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Under roiling dark midwestern clouds the faithful gathered in the Basement, preparing to loot and kill. SO began week 3 of Encounters, featuring Gale, Torrin, and Thorn, as well as newcomers Keira the rogue and Jarren the wizard. The episode began with the characters outside the recently cleared armory. Grimbold the sargeant of the guard meets up with them and asks them to take one side of town and warn the people to stay in their houses, as well as helping to deal with the weird shadowy creatures that were appearing all over town, bent on destruction. They would meet up at the town center.

Aside: This was a skill challenge and I was being very free-form with it. Basically I described the situation and the guardsman’s plea for help. I then turned to the first player and asked him, “so what do you want to do to aid the people of Duponde?” and let the characters describe their actions. We came up with all sorts of good and goofy ideas as we went around the table. Jarren used his wizardly powers to shed light and noise, while the rune priest ran from house to house, shouting a message. The rogue went after shadows, slaying them, while the paladin called out warnings to the houses he passed. Finally Gale the hunter tracked the shadows and herded them onwards, until suddenly three great two-headed hounds turned and stood their ground.

And so the battle began. The night was so dark, and illumination so low, that we were using low lighting conditions outside the range of the runepriests sunrod. This meant the dusk beasts had concealment. The ranger and wizard went first,blasting from range, but the rogue decided to get up close and personal with one of the beasts. He was attacked by the shadow lurker, who peeled away from the corner of the building to meld with the poor elf’s shadow. He felt a chill as his life force was drained away, but continued his charge agains tthe dusk beast. The other lurker revealed itself and struck at Gale, who deftly avoided the attack, the only one directed against her the whole battle.

Then the dusk beasts struck back, and the rogue was mauled within inches of his life. The paladin and rune priest each took on the other dusk beasts. The rune priest struck his and immoblized it, before bolstering the rogues health, thus saving him from what would surely have been a demise by shadow-melding. Instead he shook it off, slashed into the shadow and then stabbed deep into the dusk beasts flank, penetrating nearly to the dark tendrilled ball of ts heart. The beast bayed in pain and anger. It was soon stilled by the paladin who charged in to aid his ally with healing hands.

Then from an alleyway a tiny evil man appeared, Frank the shadow bolter, who proceeded to shoot people with his crossbow. Then he got tired of that and charged forward to stab with his dagger, and a great melee erupted in the midle of the street. Dusk beasts and Fred fought the party to a standstill but with well aimed shots by the ranger, as well as huge hits by the rogue and paladin, finally wore the enemy down. The beasts were first to fall, and then after surviving a crippling blow by the paladin, he cackled, made one last attack, and was slain with an arrow from Gale the half fox archer. They found many good items of loot including 100 gold, a large green emerald, and what they first thought was an amulet of protection. But when Gale and Keira each reached for it, it split in two (good die rolling) so they each got one.

See I can be nice not evil (sometimes.) 450 exp woot!

Biggest mistake of the night: totally missed the immediate reaction tail attack of the dusk beasts. Whoops!

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The Wild Isle of Wide Eyed Dread

The session ended with the sun setting behind the volcano Teravaku dminishing in the distance as the heroes sailed away from the Wild Isle of Wide-eyed Dread on a recently liberated privateer, singing sea chanties about the joys of finally attaining the paragon tier. They made way for the nearest port of call, the city of Shalazar, jewel of the Emerald and Jade Seas, two score days of good sailing to the northwest. The tale that led to this ending and new beginning is a good one, worth telling. It started in the aftermath of the battle to escape the githyanki pirate outpost. They did this by pirating the pirate ship right out from under the pirates ho had pirated them in first place.

The captain shook his fist in the air. I will get you pesky meddlers!” he screamed, shaking Thokk’s great axe Jaggedy in the air. Thokk immediately dove into the water to retrieve his axe which was now 100 yards away where the captain had regrouped with his crew from shore. A zombie hulk stood in the deck of a galley, along with four slaves and the slave master, two gith mentalists patiently waiting in the rear, and the githyanki lookout mindslicer. The captain leapt into the large oat with his comrades as Thokk argued with his allies. He could not leave his fathers fathers axe behind (which also happened to be a +3 flaming jagged greataxe) no matter what the cost. The rest of the party tried to convince him to wait for later, but Thokk knew later meant more enemies to fight – axe-less. A shark approached, ready to tear the half orc to shreds, but when Thokk failed to intimidate the dumb beast, he fled to the dugout canoe of Hexes. Using this he paddled towards the enemy and said shouted back to the ship to continue on without him. he would return with his axe or meet up later.

Philippe launched three ballista javelins towards the enemy longboat an hit twice, driving them to shore where a large bonfire was stoking. Thokk pulled up onto the eah to the south of the walled encapment andcrepot around towards the locked gate. With the scout tower burned down they could not see what lay over the tall walls so THokk was conealed as he crept like a panther along the wall, the late Sharia’s frosty cracking in his hand. Too much had been lost, Thokk decide it ende here. It was time to stat taking things back, sarting with his axe. He came to a large pile of lumber stacked outside the front gate, and just as he was deciding how est to burrow under the wall, he heard the voice of the captain from just the other side of the wall. “You two, come this way and fetch more lumber!”

Meanwhile, the rest of the party secured the boat and discovered four more slave rowers locked below. The weapons, armour and items of all the heroes, living and dead, was piled in two large chests on the deck, and many potions and vials of various magical nature were stowed in the footlockers discovered in the 5 officers quarters above decks. They now had 9 ex-slaves, now liberated rowers, and 4 of them had experience on the deck and in the rigging. The ship was conisidered minimal crew of sub-par quality.

There was only one way out of the protected bay – a narrow and dangerous channel that rushed between two tall cliffs attached by a natural bridge. A fierce current blasted its way through the outlet, made all the worse by the Snake river estuary at the other end of the outlet. The broken hulls of ships and boats littered the narrow rocky beaches. Poppy climbed the rigging like a natural and became the lookout using her acrobatics but mostly perception. Felipe took the helm and bacame ships pilot knowing it would take a combination of athletics and acrobatics. The elven archer Torlo took up the astrolabe and beame navigator. Quickly she learned that the the weather and sea currents were every bit as impotan as the positions of the stars. She found a current that guided them right down the center of the outlet, but there was a cross current that threatened always to push them into the beach. Wing Lei knew people, and she knew these slaves, had roweed with them before the rescue. She was the natural leader in the situation and with the approval of the others, she took command as captain. SInce there was no sail set, she stood below and directed the rowers. Eventually she had to send all the rowers to one side of the ship after they over corrected and threatened to founder in the current.

Poppy watched the approaching cliff walls with trepidation, sure they would be smashed to smithereens, but she also watched the beach, where the pirates were constructing something out of heavy wooden beams near the bonfire. Then her elven eyes suddenyl focused on an unimaginably tiny detail of the activity on the veach, and she saw a sudden spray of blood arc above the back wall of the pirate camp. She smiled to herself, and felt for a moment a surge of rage she knew well.

Thokk crouched behind the woodpile ready to strike. He heard a slave mutter “This one, grab the other end.” and when the slave saw him and gasped in surprise, The frost axe clove the scrawny thing in twain. Blood slewed in an arc from his blade as he leapt forward and in three steps ended the other slave life. This was the surprise round, and Thokk waited breathing calmly. A moment later his dremas were answered as the captain, recently bandaged and holding his side with one hand and the axe over his shoulder. “What’s going on – oh its you!” Roll for surprise, Thokk wins, slams his axe into the captain, savagely, then slams his axe into the captain a second time. Thokk lets the momentum of the axe spin him forward and around and Thokk moves between the captain and the door. The Githyanki takes the obvious opening in the barbarians defenses and swings THokks own axe at the half orcs chest. Thokk knew his grandfathers axe would not amr him and laughed at how easy it was to step out of the way of the clumsy attack, ad how the over exteneded captain was leaning forward from the axe blow, and his face war perfectly in line with the pommel in THokks fist. He slamed the captain for a third time in as many seconds and smailed at the skull cracking he felt through the blow. The captain fell to the gound with a grunt and thokk slammed his bare foot into the lipless face of Captain Zap Zaggo until his face was a bloody mess. He stooped and took up the silver longsword in his other hand and made way for his canoe, only to see that his frineds were already leaving him.

He rowed as fast as he coul and caught up just as they shot through the sluicing ride out into the open sea. They made it, and continued on into the dawn to lay anchor at the meeting place they had arranged with their allies the chibi fanaton. They could see an encampment on the beach of small fuzzy creatures in front of the wreck of a saling ship. Near them were logs and lumber and other woodworking tools as promised. The sun rose aobve the waves in a green flash of light through the waves and then its rays fell on the gloriously over-sized jet-black flag of the pirate ship flaping and cracking in the morning breezes. As the party prepared to meet their frineds the chibi fanaton, they heard the sound of screams from shore and watched as the whole bunch scattered up the beach and into teh tall grass at its verge.

They made it to shore and Poppy called for them. “Chibi chibi Fanaton!” she houted and was pleased to see a head pop up above the grass. Then she noticed it was Sfart, son of the wizard Amber. They made a deal with 30 fanaton that if they could use the crown of knowledge to become halflings, they would make the voyage and serve as crew. Then they made a deal with Sfart that if he could come back to Shalazar with them, he would get supplies from his fathers mansion. Whats more, he would install a magic portal onto the deck of the new ship. The party grudgingly agreed since they wanted to leave the island as soon as possible.

Thokk led a mission to the mansion, and while there he received a beautifully drawn map of the Jade Sea and its environs, including their destination Shalazar. Then Freedom the halfling showed up with 5,000 worth of gold nuggets in a large backpack as thanks for saving them, and at the last minute the wizard pulled a unicorn bunny from beneath his robe to give to Poppy.

This has gone on long enough, and you know the rest from the first sentence. Next week the characters will be 11th level as they make their voyage to distant Shalazar, jewel of the Jade and Emerald Seas.

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I love milestones – they are a great way to gauge success. Tonight we hit a new milestone in the Basement Games with three tables playing Encounters. We’ve run two tables since the beginning of last season, but the past several weeks have brought in enough players that our two tables were regularly seeing 6-7 apiece. Many of these players are kids, who outnumber the adults about 2 to 1. My good friend, and now co-DM Leah (of Ria the cleric fame) agreed to DM table 3 as she really wants to get some dungeon mastering experience. Of course, a part of me realizes that by letting her into the secret cabal of dungeon masters means that I am creating the weapon of my own destruction, but needs must be met. Im sure we will meet in a snowy Japanese garden one night and fight to the death for the right to be the supreme dungeon master, but until then I am content teaching her the ropes, and what better way to Dm than a table full of wild monkey children? She DMed 3-4 of the lunatics and nobody cried, so I am calling it a success. The real success will be if she comes back next week.

But forget about all that, it was not MY game of D&D they were playing, and that is what we are here to reminisce. I will let leah describe her own game if she chooses (over at Gamer Grrrl) while I go on a bit about our game. Playing at my table were most of the usual suspects, some with new characters. Ash was replaced by Thorn the shifter runepriest. The invoker Kaleth was back, as was the mighty paladin Torrin. Included this week was my youngest daughter Audrey who played Gale the hunter (using the elf race to depict her half-fennic fox.)

Encounter 2 of “Evards Dark Legacy” begins as the characters catch their breathes following the battle with the inns gargoyls come to life. The paladin checked on the inn keep Harald, who came to with a few slaps on the cheek. They found his wife Tilda in the kitchen, then began a search of upstairs. The three dwarves would not answer their door at first, but finally opened up and the heroes found the dwarves barricaded in, refusing to leave until they returned to the natural world. Moving down the hall, they came to the locked, unoccupied room of the mysterious scholar Nathair and his halfling servant. The room was unslept in, but their personal goods were still in place, and their steeds still stood in the stables. Their disappearance was a mystery.

Finally the rune priest went out into the dark night. The sky was a deep purple and their were swiles of sickly yellowish green light around the stars, until thick heaving clouds moved in and turned the night black as pitch. Ther was a palpable sense of dread, and a chill crept into the bones. The few lights burning throughout town seemed forlorn and tiny, giving out much less illumination than normal. The runepriest saw a lantern coming down the street. The hunter Gale used her eagle eyes to learn they were humanoids, and Torrin the paladin could just make out the clink and clank of battle armour. Soon the town guard Grimbol came down the street leading a few guardsmen. They explained that one of their soldiers at the north gate was stabbed by a halfling running like his life depended on it, and that the town armory was in the hands of some monster preventing the guards from arming themselves.

The paladin Torrin asked about the wounded soldier, and Grimbold gave him a friendly look and said he was stabbed, but at the apothecary, and looked to recover. He then asked if the heroes would be willing to check on one of the leads, either the occupied armory, or chasing after the halfling. The party, after much discussion chose the armory. (It turns out all three tables chose the armory.) So the party heads through town toward the armoury.

They can see it in the distance, but have to cross a bridge over a canal to get there. The invoker, feeling the power of the gods flowing through her veins charges forwards across the bridge and to one corner of the small stone building. She can see the door is ajar and a dead guard lies in the doorway, his body covered in hundreds of tiny red marks. As she steps closer, she sees the wooden shutters of the windows bulging and rattling, and hundreds of tiny spiders of all shapes and sizes come scuttling through the cracks towards her. They climb, leap, and rappel out of the armory and begin to cover her, each of them trying to bite at her skin. She shrieks (the player that is) and tries to stomp them as they approach, but some are so big that they cant be stomped.

Gale is next and she moves to the middle of the bridge and fires an arrow at the swarm of spiders. She knows she cant do much damage but any little bit helps. After she looses the arrow, a dark shape leaps from the top of the armory and flies towards the poor invoker. Another spider with huge back jumping legs attacks her on the way down, stabbing into her with its poison-dripping fangs. The invoker is poisoned, wounded, surrounded and cut off. She is also about to faint from the descriptions of the hairy scuttling arachnids surrounding and biting into her. (the player that is.) I have to use a trick I use with my wife, where-in I tell her that they are really not spiders, they are lizards! Black, hairy eight-legged tail-less lizards with fat dripping fangs, multitudinous eyes, and strange patterns on its back, like a yellow hourglass, or a red diamond.

The deathjumper was not done, and after attacking the invoker, it made a prodigious leap to land just behind the hunter on the bridge, thuse dividing the party in half. Gale was not amused, and the final two heroes, Torrin the paladin and Thorn the runepriest, moved up to the deathjumper and attacked. On her turn, the invoker dropped unconscious from the poison. Gale stabbed at the deathjump spider then moved forward to help the invoker.

Little did Gale realize there were more enemies waiting for the moment to spring. Shadows detached themselves from the darkness near the canal’s edge, and slid across the ground to meld with the heroes own shadows. This caused necrotic damage to anyone unlucky enough to be so stricken – Gale and Torrin. All looked lost as the the battle on the bridge continued with the deathjumper while the ladies fought in the armoury yard. (I really hated the mechanics of the minion shadows who I ruled once they melded with an opponent they merely did ongoing 4 necrotic until thy were killed or shaken off. Last weeks shadows were much better, if also much tougher. These were a confusing, but deadly nuisance.)

Then a miracle happened. Kaleth the invoker rolled a natural 20 on her death save, so she shook off the nightmare dreams of scuttling venomous lizards, and leapt up, healed, and blasted the swarm almost to death. Merely 4 spiders remained of the swarm of hundreds, and Gale put one arrow through all four tiny spiders on her turn. The battle turned, the death jumper died, and they finally shook off and slew the shadows.

Party victorious.

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Swirls of mist obscure the area ahead and make visibility difficult. Under the hanging vines of the bog all is in shadow even while the sun is high. The incessant drone of insects provides a backdrop for the occasional screams and roars of the swamp’s larger denizens. Feet sink into thick black loam, and all is covered in moss.

The northwestern corner of the Isle of Dread is a misty bog hemmed in by mountains and filled with weeping willows, looping vines, and spongy wet ground, interspersed with meandering streams and springs. To the north and west, the bog is bounded by tall rocky ridges separating the bog from the coastal cliffs. To the east, the volcano rises up sharply, and only to the south is the bog open-ended, growing almost to the shores of the great lake, with a thin verge of grassland dividing lake from bog.

Treading through the bog
The path winds its way though the dim murkiness of the swamp, meandering along the highest ground but keeping generally to the same direction. Pools open up, brooks cross paths, the constant splashing of water is ever-present, as is the sighing of the trees. Interspersed along the path are lumpy stone statues at irregular intervals. Closer inspection reveals them to be halflings in tribal war gear, standing stoically at attention. The statues are the petrified remains of halflings who choose to follow the Bog hags lure to their doom.

There are rough paths throughout the bog, twisting and turning to keep to the higher ground. The paths all spoke out from the central area, where a hillock of dry ground rises out of the bog and an ancient stone circle stands. (Area 1) Near the stone circle, many streams begin to coalesce, turning into a small slow river that winds south to spill into the lake. A major path leads along the river-bank, out of the bog. (Area 2) Another major outer path traces the boundary of the bog by following along the ridgeline along the north, western, and eastern perimeter of the bog. From the central hill, 5 paths like spokes, connect the map. The first, to the southwest, leads to the bog hag lair. (Area 3) The next path, to the northwest, leads to the Couatl lair. (Area 4) The north path leads to the centaur homelands along the northern edge of the bog. (Area 5) The Northeast path links up with the path that leads up the mountain. (Area 6) Finally, to the southeast, the path leads to a rocky bank that skirts the highland plateau lava fields due south of the volcano. (Area 7)

Regional Conflicts

The bog is a boiling point of contention. The factions who reside in the bog are not on friendly terms, and an intrepid party might be able to use one or more against another. To the north, the centaurs hold sway, and they are led by a couatl star serpent whom they worship as a deity. This clan is overly aggressive and have learned to attack first and not ask questions. They are however open to negotiations if the party displays a noble bearing.

To the west, the bog hag and her basilisks are an important focus. It is the bog hag who offers the foolish Halflings eternal life in the form of petrification. Many Halflings believe in the power of eternal life, and submit willingly to the stony stares of the bog hags pets. The halfling statues that litter the bog are the result of this unnatural association. The bog hag, for her part, seeks to thwart the Raven Queen, and cannot abide undead, so for her, this is the best solution for the Halflings.

Another group in the bog, a cabal of vampire witches, are not native to the area, but frequently enter the bog to hold rituals at the stone circle, where they turn captured humanoids into heartless vampire zombies to serve a dark master elsewhere on the isle. Everyone in the bog hates these intrusions, but lack the power to prevent the vampire witches dark rituals.

The catoblepas, Camus, has been given the bog on behalf of the Raven Queen, and it is his duty to reap the souls of the dead to the halls of the Raven Queen. Camus therefore despises the hag as she prevents him from reaping the halflings. Camus has a good relationship with the centaurs, and is often aided by a pair of centaur scouts. Camus also opposes all undead, on behalf of the raven Queen.

Though they have yet to meet the poor halflings who call this isle of dread home, in the bog they can begin to unravel some of the secrets of the isle, and how the poor halflings are caught up in conflicts with much greater power than themselves, to their peril and detriment. Saving the halflings from their fate, which becomes even more complicated as they delve deeper into their society, could become a side quest or objective for the party while on the island. It is their first glimpse of these sad, often elderly halflings in hide breaches, leaning on their spears, petrified and slowly crumbling away.

Wandering Encounter #1 – Camus the Catoblepas

This encounter will take place after the first battle in the bog where a living humanoid is killed. During the battle, when a kill is made, a deep lowing sound, somewhere between a moan and a cows moo, echoes across the bog, coming closer with each sounding.

Even before you’ve caught your breaths from the exertion of combat, another long lowing sound, as of cattle, was heard, this time much closer. You listen as the swishing of the branches to your north reveal a large dark beast who slowly shambles into the clearing. He is cow-like, somewhere between bison and mammoth in size, with a long neck and head that hung low to the ground. Its skin hangs loosely from its bony body but its eyes flash brightly, seeming to draw strength from you when it turns its glance your way. “I am Camus, reaper of souls in this land. You have upset the balance and your lives are judged forfeit.”

Skill Challenge – Delay the Doom of the Harbinger

5 Successes before 3 failures.

The characters can interact with the catoblepas who is more than willing to talk. Camus takes a philosophical view and enjoys explaining his position to any who will listen – It is his duty to send souls on their way, and that any death in his lands are by his approval. To kill or attack a native of the isle is to provoke the catoblepas, and earn his ire. The challenge should use social, and religion skill checks, but any original idea is worth investigating. DC 17 for standard skill checks, DC 21 for skills stretching the limits of plausibility. A success will result in Catoblepas delaying the inevitable showdown with the players, and depending on the extent of the success, could even result in them being granted a few “accidental deaths” along the way. Failure will result in an immediate attack by the catoblepas and his allies.

During negotiations, Camus can give away information about the hag and/or the vampire witches, and if negotiations go well, will float the idea of the characters doing his dirty work, by slaying one group or the other. As reward, Camus will overlook any undestined deaths the PCs cause along the way.

Difficult Battle – 2,400 xp
1 Catoblepas Harbinger (1,000 xp)
1 Centaur Hunter (700 xp)
1 Centaur Ravager (700 xp)

Special note: this battle most likely will take place BEFORE the party has had time for a short rest, which will add to the difficulty of the encounter.

Spiders in the mist

Wandering Encounter #2
Use this encounter if the party becomes hopelessly lost in the bog, leaving the trails to strike out on their own.

You enter an area darker and gloomier than most. Vines and creepers give way to silvery webs, and too late, you notice you have stumbled into a spiders lair.

Moderate Battle – 2,800 xp
2 Feyspitter Spiders, level 9 (800 xp)
20 Feyspitter Spiderlings (2,000 xp)

In the boles of three of the huge trees are large egg-sacks of web, woven about the corpses of humanoids. Loot can be glimpsed under the webs. Have the spiders attack whenever seems most appropriate. The 20 spiderlings pour out of the egg-sacks – 5 out of each, while the big spiders attack from the branches 20′ above.

The corpses are of four halflings in tribal garb, dead but not stone. They were caught by the spiders before meeting up with the bog hag. Around the neck of each is a gold leaf on a leathern thong. The leaf looks so finely crafted as to be an actual leaf turned to gold, and their worth is 50 gp apiece.

The map will be keyed in Part 2 of The Bog. For previous installments of the Isle of Dread Adventure Site, see HERE.

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Seeming over so soon at 13 weeks – the March of the Phantom Brigade has come to rest. It was a well made adventure by one of the Wizards of the Coast’s top designers, Rodney Thompson, and continued the process of refining the adventure with each passing season. To say each adventure was better than the last in this epoch known as the Encounters Era would not be far from the truth. Technically this was the best adventure yat, and it was included all in a single package, rather than the woeful multiple mailings of all but the first season. It also changed the way the adventure was written so that the DM could read through it week by week as the adventure progressed, rather than having to continuously flip back and forth between pages. March of the Phantom Brigade also pushed the boundaries in other ways to, such as the second encounter of the adventure that could go one of three directions. There were also some notable skill challenges such as the search through the winter forest.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5 Nentir Winters Axe
Week 6 The Death of Aldus Splintershield
Week 7 The Sack of Inverness
Week 8 – Showdown with Salazar
Week 9 – The Total Party Kill
Week 10 – Tomb Raiding
Week 11 – Visions, Ghouls, and Dead Elf Rangers
Week 12 – Vampire Kills and kills and kills; … and kills.

Week 13 – Last March of the Phantom Brigade

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