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In a moment of inspiration brought about by the sad look in a girls eyes as her first character was mercilessly slaughtered last week, I had her character rise as an undead. Belgos the ranger heard the whispering of the Raven Queen in her ear. She said something along the lines ofMy plans for you are not yet finished. Will you rise and be my champion, as a vampire? She jumped at the chance, Kinala the 2nd level vampire rose to begin life anew (or un-life un-new I guess) Anyhow, to make a long story short, tonight’s encounter featured a new 2nd level drow vampire from the newly published Heroes of Shadow. To make a long story even shorter, she made 4 slam attacks in 4 turns, rolled 4 criticals and killed 4enemies. It was an incredible sight to behold, a woman scorned by death, to be reborn as a vampire and wreak such unholy vengeance upon her enemies. By the end of the battle she would sweep in and envelop them with her cloak. and leave not but a pile of bones in her wake. Continuing on in an effort to make a short story longer.

In addition to the usual suspects from the past three weeks, a new player joined tonight as Merrick the first level halfling. He joined up with the party just as they were checking for loot, and he opened two of the chests, to find a potion of haling and some ghoststrike oil. Our other rogue Erimikus found a suit of magic armour and a magic staff, which he traded in for a healing potion. Im not sure where the armour ended up… As they were searching, strange things were happening, as though tears in the fabric of time were allowing glimpses into the past. They step into the hall to see lights flashing from underneath the door opposite the one they just exited. Fargrim went with the kick in the door approach, and they were greeted with another vision, this one of some wizard talking about stuff.

They crowded into the room to get a glimpse of the vision, and when it ended, there were 6 devilish duerger dwarves un-freezing from time. Fargrim charged his most ancient of foe, and that brought them fully to life quickly. The whole party except Jarren missed the first round of combat as the three guards moved up. He hit two of the guards with an explosive globe of lightning. Then the three scouts fired their deadly crossbows from the shadows. Merrick was targeted but luckily avoided the deadly black crossbow bolt fired from the shadows. The cleric Valenae was not so lucky, and took a bolt to the chest, and the third crossbow went flying high, aimed at Jarren at the back of the party.

On the guards turn, Grumpy made a mistake, and in his anger he went to fire his quills, but pretty much everyone got a hit on him. The vampire went and slammed into the dwarf, Grumpy, who had already been shocked. Her slam took the dwarf to the ground, dead. The clerics Valenae and Hagen fought on one flank, with the fighters Quinn and Fargrim in the middle. Erimikus and Merrick jopined the middle area, and Kinala the vampire with a savage vengeance took the other flank. The main fighters pounded on the second dwarf guard, bloodying him, when Kinala swirled her cloak around the dwarf and in a few seconds, she stepped back to reveal a dead dwarf, dried of his blood. (Her second critical of the night)

Fargrim noticed a statue in the center of the room was actually the god of dwarves, Moradin, and felt a power surge through him if he got close enough. Erimikus dodged into the room and threw his dagger from a sneak attack, then charged the third dwarf, stabbing him with his flaming dagger. He damaged the dwarf mightily, but it was Valenae and her fury that finally brought the dwarf low. His helm rung like a bell with her mighty blow, dropping him to his knees, then to his face.

Only the dwarf scouts were left, and they were hidden from most. Kinala knew where one was and she strode across the room, and tore the first scout up into smithereens, her third critical.

With only two scouts left, the party surged forward, and they each began to suffer from the attacks. He weathered blows from Erimikus, Hagen, and Fargrim, before Kinala turned her blazing eyes on him. The scout quailed before her might, and the fourth critical of the night slaughtered the deurger like prey.

The rest of the party surrounded the last dwarf scout who thought about running, then decided he would die like his brothers, in honorable combat. It didn’t take long, he was backed into a corner and beat on by whoever could get to him. It was Fargrim who finally managed to get close enough to the statue of Moradin to feel his blessing, and his hammer shone with holy light as it flashed across the room to slam into the head of the last evil demon dwarf. He fell, slain, with the party victorious.

It was an exciting battle, but not too devastating. I joked halfway through the battle, when asking if anyone was bloodied, no one was. So I said that all the dwarves put down their hammers and pulled out EVEN BIGGER hammers to threaten the party. But it was the vampire Kinala and her four criticals in a row that turned the tide ofthis battle so drastically into the parties favor. Needless to say, I no longer feel bad for mercilessly slaughtering her first character. In fact I was thinking to myself “What have I unleashed?”

One other interesting thing, is that Fargrim decided he would like a taste of blood, and he will be back for the final encounter as a dwarf vampire. We will just say that he and Kinala had a few private moments together during the short rest, and Fargrim came out of it looking pale, sharp-toothed, and far grimmer than before.

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