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The heroes defeated an implacable foe and if an outsider had wandered by, their blood would have run cold at the sight. The cleric was casting a ritual on the corpses of the basilisks to prevent them from decaying. The paladin was going through the line of fallen enemies gouging out the eyes of the dead. Felipe the druid was stripping the dead of their flesh, all the while humming a tune and planning out a new skin-wardrobe. Even as Poppy had to be stopped from decapitating the bodies, Hex meanwhile was scooping out the brains from the corpses and urinating on everything in sight. In other words, one might think the depravity that these ‘heroes’ released on the corpses of their foes was astounding, but really, they had a plan. They were harvesting the basilisks of anything valuable. Looting has never sunk so low.

Eventually they had shorn the bodies of anything worth more than a tarnished silver piece, and moved into the cave complex of the hags. The bog hag was slain but the night hag fled into the caves. The first chamber looked to be the lair of the basilisks, with straw spread over the floor and nothing else of interest. The walls of the cavern were rough and held many niches, openings, and hiding spots. Through these snakes of all size and shape slithered in the shadowy corners o the cavern. Felipe could hear hissing from further in, and moved through snaking passages towards a room with a sunken floor. It was filled hoip-deep with venomous snakes writhing about a central alter upon which rested a shiny black skull of huge size, like a giants skull carved of obsidian.

As Ria prepared Tensers floating Disk, Hex examined the arcane mysteries of the skull and decided it must be the object causing the mysterious rock-eating madness. By destroying it, the madness should also be ended. Felipe cast a flaming seed into the chamber, providing a space for Hex to leap down into the chamber and strike the skull. He did little damage but his warlock powers allowed him to slide the skull off its base and towards the narrow ramped exit. He noticed a hole in the platform concealed under the skull, and heard something marble-like rolling around from within.

He of course, reached his hand into the portable hole to grab the marble (which was the black pearl they sought) but was struckby a venomous snake from within. He passed out from the poison. Thokk leapt into the room and he was bit by snakes, also falling unconcious. Now Poppy hafd to jump into the chamber, and when Ria lowered the tenser disk, Poppy had to push the sleeping brutes onto the platform to save them. Eventually they made it out and dragged the skull into the clearing and beat it into powder. As it crumbled under their furious attakcs, Hex and Felipe felt their hunger for rocks lessening until it was completely gone by the time the skull was destroyed.

The heroes made their way back to the Amber Mansion and found Shalazar Shackleton back in his right mind. He told them how he was once betrothed to Ismelda the elder daughter of Obitello Amber. He has been searching for them for many years since their father took them to this faraway island. Now that they had a black pearl, they would be able to escape the envelope of the Feywild in which the Isle of Dread was hidden, but they needed a ship, since the isle was many hundreds of leagues out to sea. As far as they knew, they had two choices – get the master woodworking chibi fanaton to repair the floundering hulk off the southern coast, which Shazzy Shak admitted was the ship he was stranded when it sank after hitting rocks off the coast. The other alternative was to steal, or somehow join the Githyankii pirates who had a black-sailed ship anchored in the secret bay far to the east.

They decided to try both means, and set off back into the Steaming Jungle to enlist the aid of the fanaton. They met Freedom as they entered the jungle, who told them that Gith pirates had kidnapped his father, Friday, and forced him to tell them the location of the well of gold. They planned on dipping Friday into the well the following morning, and Freedom was determined that the Gith should not have access to the well, so he agreed to help them build a ship if they would rescue his father and slay any Gith who knew the location of thier holiest site, the well of gold.

The Gith were camped in a ruined jungle temple to an ancient fish god near the well of gold and the party launched an assault, against 3 gith warriors, each with a shining silver sword, a human slaver and his six slave-fighters. And so ends the evening in the midst of battle, to be concluded two weeks hence.

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