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Chibi chibi FAN-aton!

Guest player tonight in the form of Mike, who played a certain escaped slave. The telepath Lenerath was sailing when his ship was taken by gith pirates, forced to bend to the oars until they reached Dread Bay, where he was chosen to serve on an expedition into the islands interior, but he promptly took flight into the jungle with all his belongings but his tongue. When he stopped after a night of fleeing blindly through dark jungle, he paused to lean against a trunk and met the first people since his escape. Lenerath telepathically told them that the ship had a black pearl protected under a dome of glass on the deck of the pirate ship, and that having the pearl was the only means of finding or leaving the Isle.

Meanwhile they had other worries with the chibi fanaton, who were very active in the area. One creature tried to sneak forward through the grass to retrieve his dead comrades, which the heroes allowed. He tied a rope around their ankles and dragged them out. Felipe tuned into a raptor and flew into the canopy overhead, which was like a whole new world. The trees were massive and tall, and for 100 feet or more above the lowest level of leaves was a world of green and brown. She could see a great distance and saw many of the chibi fanaton leaping through the branches far off.

While above the tree-line, Felipe found out where they were, almost smack dab in the center of the island, an area known as the steaming jungle. They were far to the east of Amber Mansion, and the nearest shelter was the line of mountains an hours travel to the north. She retuned to the ground.

Poppy and Felipe were busy dunking pebble and rocks into the well of gold, retrieving solid nuggets of gold until they had a sizable pile. The trickling spring fed well got lower and lower with each transformation, until the well gave out, and the objects turned to lead. They had 200 pounds of solid gold, a 2,000 gp value. Felipe soon had her magic backpack packed to the gills, and surmised that by the next day the well should be re-filled and they might get another load of gold.

Far of the heard the sounds of crashing and stomping, and the chibi were howling and growing agitated. The party gathered up their supplies to move out, when a huge tri-horn behemoth broke through the underbrush. Hanging off him were four of the chibi fanaton. They wielded obsidian daggers and whore many feathers of blackbird. Riding on a rolling wave of churning leaves and debris came another of the halfling sized monkey-squirrels. This one was covered head to toe in a cowl o black feathers. In his hand he held a small tree branch of solid gold which he used like a wand.

The party left in a hurry, but the armored chibi fanaton thundered after them. The heroes found a small cave at the edge of the mountains and turned to defend their new-found shelter as the behemoth broke through the trees to cme stamping onto the open ground before the cave. The four chibi fanaton riding it were hooting wildly and calling out their distinctive yells.

To wrap up, there was a fight, a nd the dire badger was a bigger threat than the trihorn behemoth, and Ria was knocked out, but then got healed, and when the leader of the chib-fanaton heard Felipe curse in the “wizards tongue” it asked for a truce in the same language, and was revealed to be a halfling.

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