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March of the Phantom Brigade

Clericless, the epic battle with the phantom knight Salazar Vladistone and his 4 templar knights was fought by Fargrim the dwarf slayer, Jarren the wizard, Quinn the knight and Erimikus the elf rogue. They advanced through burning Inverness to the hidden graveyard, and there found the phantom Salazar with his ghostly blade against the neck of the town sage Faldyra. She was on her knees before him as he cursed her and demanded to know why he couldnt commune with his dead and buried wife.

After a bit of conversation, in which Salazar laughingly boasted that all he wanted was to visit the site of his wife’s grave, and that if Splintershield had allowe dhiom to pass, none of this would have happened. Oh well, he grinned, and I asked for an initiative roll. With relief, the four players reached for their 20 sideds.

The dwarf went first, and he threw a hammer at the nearest phantom solider, a templar with a men looking morning star. The wizard sent off a round of arc lightning, and the thief began his stabbing dance. The enemy chose to begin with range, and other then the templar engaged with the rogue, the other two swung their morning stars until two ice-balls formed and streaked towards the wizard and the dwarf. They were struck and besides damage, were slowed by the petrifying cold. Salazar then shouldered his crossbow and fired at the dwarf, but missed. Quinn, who was late to the party showed up just in time to charge full bore into one of the templars, hammering him with his hands, and the weapons they held.

One of the templars managed to chase the wizard back into a corner, and he was battered savagely before being knowkced to the ground right at Salazars feet as he charged into the fray. The phantom Vladistone then began a spinning attack the struck everyone nearby, including the unconscious wizard. On his turn, he miraculously leapt up awake, and was promptly felled a second time. By now Quinn was close enough to pour his last healing potion down Jarrens gullet, getting him back on his feet for the second time in the battle. He made good use of his third chance, and blasted a hole through Salazars chest with a magic missile, sending the ghost cackling back into the netherworld. “Fools! No mortal may slay a member of the Phantom brigade!” he shouted as he was apparently slain.

Fargrim charged the last remaining templar, doing massive damage and bloodying the ghost, but when he tried to intimidate, he frightened himself rather than the phantom, and it took Erimkus and a knife in the back to send the last ghost on his way. With their enemy slain, Quinn bent to pick up the sword of Salazar Vladtistone, and it blazed in his hand as he hefted it.

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