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Burning Down the Bank.
For tonights game we had the same cast of 6 characters as last week, played by the same players, with the one exception of Sola, who was played by another new player. The game began as the characters gathered together to bind wounds and catch their breath after defeating the ambush attempt in the town square. Suddenly the wizard Faveral looked up, he smelt smoke. The first plumes of smoke were curling from the windows of the bank.

Sola is worried about the lives that could be in danger, but Berrian with his cool intelligence, fears that Ronnick, the banker of ill repute, could be trying to destroy any evidence of his wrong-doings. The halfling is first to react, rushing towards the bank to find out what was going on. He peers through the window and can see strange, flaming forms moving behind the curtains. They seem to be lighting the building on fire. Quinn charged straight up the stairs and shouldered the double doors wide open. Without pause he rushed into the room and swings his sword at the nearest foe, an elemental ball of flame that was preparing to torch a couch. The swing of the knights sword shaved some of the flickering flames from the elemental. Before long Quinn was surrounded, but continued to attack first one, then the next, until they were both slain. He was sorely wounded and would have fallen but for the clerics aid.

Sola followed him into the room and threw a javelin at the elemental, but struck a portrait on the wall behind. She was attacked by a charging elemental who first put her clothes on fire, then lit the ground beneath her feet. Sola dodged the opportunity attack as she fled to a safe corner where she could send healing to the knight, and then the dwarf.

Faverel was confident enough to stride into the center of the room. He saw four of the flaming creatures, each in its own peculiar form. The ball of flame was engaged with the knight, while elsewhere was a flaming bird-shape, a roaring blaze, and a flaming skeleton. But in the back of the room he saw a creature of foaming water. He blasted it with a cold ray, and a chunk of the water froze, slowing it and making it vulnerable to attack.

The halfling Merrick rushed into the room, and saw that to either side of the bank were two large cauldrons: one held flaming coals, and the other held water so cold that even in the blazing building, the side of the bronze pot was frosted. He also noticed that in the back of the room was a blue glowing sigil. He correctly surmised that some sort of summoning ritual was taking place, but wasted no time on that. He dipped his dagger into the chilled water and struck the nearest flame elemental with the ice-crusted blade. He is a wily rogue, sometimes his courage knows no bounds, but tonight he kept his feet and dealt much grief to the elementals with his frozen daggers.

Berrian the Wise stayed just outside the front doors. He used his mastery of the arcane arts to draw the energy of the summoning ritual to himself, and he noticed that the flames dimmed the smallest bit. Then he shot one with a magic missile. Soon the water elemental reared before him, and with an overwhelming wave, struck the wizard and the dwarf both. Berrian was tumbled down the steps and knocked onto his bum in the street, while the dwarf Edith planted his feet and was merely pushed back a few steps. Such is the fortitude of dwarves.

Edith the dwarf slayer charged the fire elemental that threatened Sola, and eventually slew it, before turning his ire on the water elemental, slaying next. He was fortunate enough to receive the healing aid of Sola for his effort, as his vest was torched twice, and he was almost reduced to unconsciousness.

Working together, Faveral and Berrian defused the magical energy of the glowing sigil, while Quinn pushed over the flame brazier and Merrick pushed over the water cauldron. This caused the elemenatal to dim slightly and behave more erratically. By this time a bucket brigade had formed, and the the fire was coming under control,. while the party finished off the last of the elementals. The axe of the dwarf hewed the last one, and the party had time to notice two things in the room. A safe set ionto the back wall was the first, and a map, its edges curled by flame, was the other.

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