Helping the Injured

Shaman Returns to Chaos

Shaman returns from inspecting the cave paintings on spirit Island to find his cave lion has been injured, and Toktoe’s spear tip is still embedded under the skin.

Return to Sentinel

The injured cave lion returns to the shore of Spirit Lake to await the return of his companion.

The Death of Hugs

Defending the Indefensible

The sabre tooth is forced to attack when her companion Toktoe is struck down by the cave lion.

Going Too Far

After Hugs refuses to carry on the attack against the cave lion past first blood, Toktoe’s rage causes him to attempt a sneak attack on the injured lion. Toktoe however is no match for the lion, who swats him away.

Finish It

First Blood

Toktoe Eggs Them On

Sabre Tooth Against Cave Lion