Game Night March 5 2016


“There’s always more to do, but we’re pretty much done with what we’ve found we need to do before the first release, so we’ll go ahead with that release in a few days!” so sayeth Toady One, progenitor of Dwarf Fortress, the game of cruel and undwarfy punishment.

This new version is much anticipated after a long hiatus and will lead to more dwarfy stories, like previous games:

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Beholder Lair

Beholder Lair

As our game group rollicks towards the ending of the Tiamat campaign, the characters are rising to levels rarely attained. Currently at level 12, the heroes are in the middle of traversing a magical maze that surrounds a wizard’s tower. The maze is constructed (with magic!) so that bypassing encounters or going over or around the maze was impossible. They kept coming to a clearing with a sundial pointing to one or more of the myriad pathways leading out of the clearing. 5 times the came to the clearing, and had to choose the right path. If they chose the wrong path, they wound up with an encounter.

Previously, they had made great choices and made it to the final clearing, before choosing the wrong path.

The maze gently curved around for a few moments, then they came to a place where the shrubbery was overgrown, making a narrow gap to squeeze through. On the other side, there was no way back, and the hedge had been replaced by tall, narrow stone walls. Everything was covered in slime, and a greenish haze made the area indistinct. They had unwittingly entered the Beholder’s Maze.

beholder lair2

Anatomy of a Beholder’s Lair

One of the great innovations of the fifth edition of the world’s most awesome role playing game is the inclusion of “lairs” for the deadliest, most iconic monsters. So far the party has fought a white and green dragon in their respective lairs, and it was challenging. The beholder also has rules included for its lair, which I adapted and used to great effect.

The lair of the beholder, as written, has some pretty intense affects. Once per round an eyeball can spawn anywhere within the lair and fire a random eye ray. Also, once per round, tentacles can appear and restrain a character, forcing them to have to break free or be immobilized. There is a third thing that can happen too but I forget what it was, blinding fog maybe?

Anyhow, I wanted my beholder to be unique, and so I gave it an extra power: a ninth eyestalk. This eyestalk held a blue gem instead of an eyeball (the gem is required to exit the encounter area) and the eye could fire a teleportation ray once per round in addition to its regular attacks. The character had to make a dex save or be teleported to a random quadrant of the lair. Great Fun!

The other unique aspect of this lair which was shaped like a maze, was the inclusion of a gelatinous cube. The combination of randomly teleporting, a gelatinous cube, and a maze full of tentacles and eyestalks made the encounter incredibly fun and challenging. In some ways it was reminiscent of some of the better 4th edition “set-piece” battles we have fought. So much importance was placed on movement and positioning.

Even under normal circumstances, the beholder is a dangerous foe. It projects a consant anti-magical field in a cone directly in front of it, (which I ruled projected out at 45 degree angles, so if the beholder placed himself just right in one of the corners of the lair, it could project anti-magic thoughout its entire lair.)

The wizard was reduced to a weeping wreck for most of the battle, as his magic was useless. The rest of the party used melee attacks to slowly whittle away at the beholder. For some odd reason I kept rolling 1’s to see which random eye stalk ray it fired each round, and the Charm Ray was far and away the most popular choice. Numerous characters were charmed during the battle, which was hilarious because I described the hideous beholder, and then told how the character started to look more than just skin deep to see the true beauty in the eye of the beholder. Put a blond wig and some lipstick on that beholder, and you’ve got a date!

At one hilarious point in the game, two characters were stuck in the gelatinous cube while the ranger plucked away at it with his bow, not caring that the characters inside the cube were taking half damage from every arrow.

At another point the gnome rogue was using her invisibility cloak when she got hit by a paralyzation ray, then sucked up by the cube. So she was invisible, paralyzed, and slowly melting into the cube and none of the other characters even knew where she was!

Incredibly the barbarian scored a critical hit with a thrown spear and somehow managed to score 52 hit points in damage. I was incredulous and made her add the total back up, and I was justified, it was only 51 hit points! This made a big difference in the last two rounds of the battle, in which the beholder charmed and disintegrated with great abandon.

The wizard finally girded his loins enough to make an attack, and positioned himself so he could throw a fireball at the beholder from behind. He hit and did, oh I don’t know how much damage, because the beholder only had one hit point left! (which is why that 52 points was so important earlier in the battle.  It gave the beholder two extra rounds of life.) It was incinerated and the blue gem fell to the ground and began blinking like it was going out of existence. The ranger picked up the gem and a door opened up in the far wll of the maze, an escape.

They somehow extricated themselves from the gelatinous cube mess, and rushed through the exit just before the gem winked out of existence, which would have reset the whole encounter. Close escape! This battle took up the majority of our 2 hour gaming session, and ranks in the top five battles of all time for me. What a blast!

That is one freaky looking dude!

That is one freaky looking dude!

This is a handy little ne’er-do-well I came up with the other day to thwart my players. It worked wonderfully well and turned a hum-drum encounter into one that was surprising and dangerously fun.

Take a regular kobold with typical statistics. Add two heads, one on either side of the central head. They breathe fire and the kobold is immune to fire. It can do everything a normal kobold can do AS WELL AS breathe fire once per round from each head in a fifteen foot line.

They are incredibly weak due to being a kobold, but they can really pack a wallop! In the encounter in which I used them, the party wizard scoffed at a room full of twenty kobolds. With a flick of bat guano into the chamber he ignited a fireball that left all of the kobolds incinerated, except for the seven 3-headed kobolds, who in turn got to retort, and show said wizard just what that felt like. Evil grin.

The hunting lodge

The hunting lodge

This weekend we finished off the Hoard of the Dragon Queen with a great gaming session. But as in all good things in life. let us begin with the menu – mega salad. It was a delightful salad made of 4 different heads of fancy lettuce, salami, mini pepperonis, cheddar and feta cheese, hard-boiled egg, olives, and other healthy vegetables; with a choice of Italian, Ranch, or Blue Cheese dressing. It was good and good for us, and a break from our usual weekly diet of fat, grease, and carbs. (Nothing wrong with a good fat burger, slavered in grease between two thick slabs of carbohydrate.) Once fed, we got down to the gaming, and as this was an epic adventure ending session, we prepared for a long night.

The night started with the Crew barging in on the major domo of the Hunting Lodge. Surprising the players, she welcomed the erstwhile pillagers as guests and potential business partners. They made a deal. During the deal making, after much cajoling, pleading, whining, and asking for more more more like baby birds when mama bird comes back to the nest, the cultist gave in and gave them each a greater healing potion. (I think that is where they got those from…)

Then we took a short break while the characters leveled up. It is uncommon to level up in the middle of a session and it really added to the excitement of reaching the epic conclusion, even though it did add to a later night than usual. Afterwards, the party made their way to the cultist village where the fortress was docked, shrouded in mist. They met a friend in the village of otherwise nefarious cultists and got a little more info about the flying fortress. They decided they would sneak in amongst the last wagon-loads of treasure and make their way to the cloud giant in order to turn him to their side.

Once on board, they correctly guessed the location of the giant’s chambers, and met and befriended him. He told them of the main villain on board- Rezmir in his chambers on the lower level, and across the hall a pair of Red Wizards of Ki-Rin. The party then commenced to slaughter first Rezmir and then the wizards in a quick series of intense battles.

With Rezmir dead, the party wizard took the Black Dragon Mask, while the barbarian took the hilariously sentient and evil two handed sword, which did and will result in epic hilarity. Next up, the party made their way down into the belly of the ice castle, and came upon the lair of the white dragon.

Apollo the White Dragon

Apollo the White Dragon

The dragon began the battle hanging from the ceiling where he unleashed his cone of cold to great affect. Every character was knocked down in hit points.

Then furious battle ensued. The dragon leapt to the floor of the lair in order to pound the party with tail slaps and wing buffetings. It was incredibly affective and every member of the party had to use their greater healing potions to remain standing. The dragon leapt back to the ceiling, accepting a few opportunity attacks along the way, in order to blast them once again with his icy breath. This time it knocked out every character accept the wizard who (as usual) was trying to remain as far from possible from the threat of danger and successfully made his save, negating damage instead of halving it due to being hidden in the passageway.

This led to the last round of combat, with everyone knocked out except wizard and dragon. The dragon was dripping large globules of blood onto the icy floor and the wizard knew he had a chance. He brought to mind the biggest most powerful spell he knew and unleashed it on the dragon in hopes of pulling victory from the jaws of defeat. Three silvery magic missiles launched from his finger tips hit the dragon in its icy heart, killing it instantly.

Great adventure, great finale, and a great kill by the wizard. White dragons have always been my favorite type of dragon. White is my favorite color, I love the cold and snow, and I love underdogs, which in the dragon world, white dragons most assuredly are. When I was a kid still learning to be the great DM that I am today, I had a white dragon epic finale, and in it, the white dragon )from 1s edition) was flying back and forth strafing the party with its breath weapon until only the ranger-thief was left. It dove, planning on flattening Chris Stevens character into the cavern floor, but Chris’ character had a long spear and managed to “set it against a charge” before the dragon struck, impaling it for triple damage and killing it.

It is always fun to fight and kill dragons. After 7 levels of chasing them, the heroes finally got their chance, and they pulled it off in dramatic fashion. It was past 11 when we called it a night, which is quite late for us, but we kept the thrill going through the roller-coaster ride to the end. Next week we are taking a break before moving into the Rise of Tiamat, the conclusion to Hoard of the Dragon Queen. The reason for the delay is because we are having a painting party to coat some of the 300+ miniatures I received in the mail this week.

Reaper Bones Part 2

Reaper Bones Part 2

The hunting lodge in Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The hunting lodge in Hoard of the Dragon Queen

We explored the penultimate encounter area of Hoard of the Dragon Queen – the Hunting Lodge this Valentines Day. Here are pictures from that night, brought to you by the fabulous players in this campaign of chaos.

In the midst of the game

In the midst of the game

Gaming n the gaming corner.

vday2015 (13)

An unknown multitudes of corridors to explore.

Dragonborn monk

Dragonborn monk

The drgonborn monk prepares to embark upon the mission.

vday2015 (1)

Just exploring.

24 kobolds spill forth

24 kobolds spill forth

Twenty four kobolds staked 8 high spill forth from the chamber when the door is opened, raining down on the part with slashing daggers.

vday2015 (7)

We can contain them!

vday2015 (10)

OK then how about this!

vday2015 (2)

What is upstairs. Find out next time.



And that is how it happened.

Heironymous Bosch wil fit nicely here

Heironymous Bosch wil fit nicely here

This Friday after Thanksgiving was our penultimate game night of the year, and it was also one of the most fun so far this year. Originally we planned to have leftover turkey for dinner, but at the last minute we changed to pasta. It was good, and ironically we had pasta leftovers the rest of the weekend! The group was on the small side, with 5 players and dm.

Having not recapped in a few weeks, let me set the stage for the night. The heroes of Greenest have spent 40 days and 40 nights as part of a merchant convoy crossing the desert region of the Lorient, the mystical, mysterious far east of D Erte. They are pursuing the loot nabbed in raids upon their home town and others from a group calling itself the cult of the Dragon. They also had a more personal goal of retrieving the stolen religious icon that gives Greenest its fresh spring water. Without the icon, the heroes hometown was slowly dying of thirst.

Last week, the party managed to figure out which of the wagons in the convoy belonged to the cult, and while creating a diversion involving half-orcs and dwarf elephants, they were able to steal the icon back without being caught.

So this week, they needed to get the icon back to greenest, and to do it, they needed to buy a 1,200 gold return-teleportation scroll from the red wizard of Thay. Simply read the first half, teleport to destination, then tear off the second half for the trip home within 12 hours. The rogue made the trip and discovered that the town was abandoned. She made her way to the temple of St. Cuthbert and was nearly ambushed by the crazed old priest. The rogue talked some sense into the priest and left him with the icon. The priest let the rogue know that the whole town up and left, deciding to follow the “Heroes of Greenest” on their trek across the desert, looking for a new home. The rogue left and tried to figure out a way to get a message to the people of Greenest that their town was saved.

The wizard, who often dreamed of Greenest, but has never been there, had another dream that night. In it, an old priest put a religious icon into his backpack and trekked off into the unknown desert. What is up with the people of Greenest? Somewhere on the road behind them were hundreds of refugees looking for a new home.

The cultists knew from the diversion that ehy had an enemy, and the next morning the friendly gnome rogue found a curled up poison bone in one of the group’s cereal bowls. Then one of the cultists was found dead, and the dragonborn monk’s bloody short sword was implicated in the crime, but the rich merchants forced the caravan to move out before the truth could be discerned.

That day they made it to the bright capital of the Lorient, the town of Cato Blepia, where cows were treated like royalty, and let free to roam the city, and if they ever mooed in your direction, you could die. The heroes needed money to continue on their journey to the north, so they did various things to earn some bread. From juggling, to gigolo-ing, the heroes made quite a splash in the city, and capped it off by stealing 400 gold worth of fancy regalia from a holy cow. They were chased out of town by a mob with torches and pitch forks.

For many days they were part of a new caravan heading north until they came to a stopover beyond which the road was still being worked on. There was a few days layover, so they decided to explore the swamps for a red X on a treasure map they had found.

They come to an empty camp site with five large canoes. They see three canoes coming towards them, so they grab a canoe and head into the swamp. They meet up with 9 lizardmen in the canoes who act belligerent and battle ensues. It was a fun fight between canoes and lost of people got wet. In the end 5 lizardmen were killed and the rest swam off. It was a great night of gaming, and next week should be just as good.